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Welcome to the former home of ST Detachment Epsilon,
THE definitive Stormtrooper Role-playing PA in SWG.
Now gone from SWG, formerly protecting the Bria and Chimaera galaxies.

Updates can be found at
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ST has disbanded

Colonel Collin Praji, Nov 21, 05 2:47 PM.
A message from Colonel Thrax:

it is with a heavy heart and saddened soul that I post this notice to all of you, troopers and followers alike. the time has come now to move on, for Stormtrooper detachment Epsilon to fade into the past while it is still viable and honor-worthy. much better than to see it fade into oblivion slowly and painfully.

It has been decided by myself and the officer corps that the time is at hand, that the dice must not be rolled once again on such a great thing as <ST> has become. not to chance it possible floundering completely due to the changes to the game. to leave the SWG community, or whats left of it, with a strong memory of us and what we did for the game for two years.

to have been a member, and risen in the ranks over eventually lead what I consider to be the absolute best example of what an on-line community can and should be...has truly been an honor, and I salute all of you..and all of those who came before as earnestly as I can.

the memory of ST will not soon fade, the lives that we touched...the good times we enjoyed together....the bad times we made it through as a team...none of this has been for naught. we showed the people of SWG what could be done...we broke the mold, and became the standard by which stormtrooper role-play would be judged by many in the SWG community. we made good friends, and of course some enemies along the way...but most importantly of all, we had fun and enriched not only our own experiences, but all those around us.

I am, at this sad time reminded of a letter written by one of my favorite authors, it was written at the time of his suicide..though I do not mean for it to represent sadness, only an inevitable end to something truly grand.

"All fled — all done, so lift me on the pyre;
The feast is over, and the lamps expire."

Robert E. Howard, writer, d. June 11, 1936

537223932_Inactive, Jul 25, 05 12:32 PM.

537223932_Inactive, Jul 13, 05 10:11 AM.
In preperation for the move to the new and improved website, recruitment is now closed...all recruits currently in contact with the detachment will of course continue on to promotion at the specified time. no new applications will be accepted until the new site os operational.

That is all.

Imperial Day

Sava Stary, Jun 19, 05 3:51 AM.

*Dramatic intro music abruptly starts and then fades away, the voice of a news reporter can be heard.*

New reports says that the Emperor himself might show up at the HQ of Detachment Epsilon on Imperial Day, to hold a speech to one of the so called best stormtrooper detachment out there. After the words reached high command, they have ordered all squad leaders to run extra training drills to prepare the recruits and privates for the arrival of Emperor Palpatine.
We are here live with one of our reporters that has been allowed into the Basic training camp named Camp Eglos.

*You hear some static and a image appears on the screen and the reporter starts to talk*

As you can see, there is a training drill going on here, A visit from the Emperor himself doesn't come around every day, so the Officers and NCOs of Detachment Epsilon is doing their best to get these troopers up to Imperial standards so they can be presented at the Emperors visit to the detachment's HQ at an so far unknown loacation. That is all from Camp Eglos, Kunra Madstar out

*The Image changes and the voice of the other reporter can once again be heard*

Imperial high command can still not give us an answer about the Emperor's visit to the detachment named Epsilon but they have hinted that the Emperor might be present at the detachments celebration of Imperial Day, we will come with futher updates on this at a later time. That is all we had in this special report from HNN

*The image fades out and the HNN logo appears*

In loving memory...

Sava Stary, Apr 20, 05 10:47 PM.

*Dramatic intro music abruptly starts and then fades away, the image of Lieutenant Stary appears on the screen.*

Earlier this week, we all recieved the horrible news that our great Colonel Collin Praji had died. He was found dead at his office in our HQ. I know every single trooper in this detachment respected Colonel Praji and looked up to him as the great leader he was. And I know every single one of you will help to seek out revenge on his death. The murderer who ended Colonel Praji's career will see his own end soon enough.

*Lt. Stary take a deep breath and smiles*

Onto other mathers. Detachment high command has decided to rename our current HQ to honor the great Colonel Praji. From this day, Kalandar Installation will go with the name, Fort Praji.
That will be all.

*The image of Lt. Stary fades out and a picture of Fort Praji appears on the screen

Your attention please!

537223932_Inactive, Apr 19, 05 10:38 PM.
>>>>Decrypting message<<<<
Buffering. - - - - - done...
Message follows...

    To: all members of Detachment Epsilon, and associated personnel
    From: Colonel Thrax

    Just an update, an Investigation has begun into the Murder of Colonel Praji, all troops are to report to the Medical center for Tissue samples and are too present a written report of their whereabouts during the time of the attack in the Holo-node comms area ASAP. rest assured...the monster responsible for the death of such a great leader WILL be swiftly Identified and way or the other.

That is all....carry on.

537223932_Inactive, Apr 19, 05 8:14 PM.

You may all be wondering why you've been redirected here. its time to get detachment operations switched over to this Holo-net node. for Security reasons you will be required to re-input your operating codes before your duty operations can continue.

That is all...
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