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Disciples is a Horizons guild on the Chaos shard. We accept new members with open arms, always work together as a team to fight the Withered Aegis and have fun while we're at it! We have moved into our new home of Penza and invite those worthy to be called a Disciple, to join us.


Disciples: Alive and Well and Recruiting

537001436_Inactive, Jan 14, 06 8:17 AM.
It has been some time since anyone has actively participated on this forum. That must change! To begin the change, I have subscribed for an add free site with more options, at least for the next six months, added a modest banner and purchased a domain name to make getting here easier.

Disciples remains in Istaria, although but a mere shadow of its once glorious self. That too must change! Two new members have joined Disciples and a previous member has returned. We are actively recruiting at this time and would like to extend an invitation to anyone seeking a friendly, adult-oriented guild in Istaria. We are crafters at heart, but enjoy group hunts and exploring our oft times dangerous world. Our primary goal is to have fun. Although we promote individual achievement, we always help one another and anyone else who might ask our assistance. Come join us in one of the best multiplayer games online, Horizons.

Shya Dawn

Domain Added

System, Jan 14, 06 7:45 AM.
This site has been upgraded with a domain name, and people are now able to reach it by going to! Thank you for using as your home on the web!

Still Here

537001436_Inactive, Jun 6, 05 11:07 AM.
It has been some time since anyone has posted here. I would like to say that several of us are still alive and well in Istaria. It was good to see that a few others stopped by to post also! Stay in touch!


537001436_Inactive, Dec 17, 04 12:15 PM.

Wishing everyone a very
 Merry Christmas
and a 
Happy New Year!

Last Nights Guild Meeting

537082492_Inactive, Dec 12, 04 8:51 AM.

Last night's meeting went well. Shya called the meeting to order in the gazebo and I passed out some goodies to the 7 of us who were in attendance. We mainly discussed our future as a guild. Frist topic was guild mergers. Currently at this time we will not be merging with any other guilds but it will always be there as a possibility. For now we will try to recruit new members and/or small guilds. We have recruited 2 new members in the past month or so and will keep working on it.

We also decided that the guildhouse storage should be used for items that can no longer be used, If you have cargo gear, armor, weapons, cargo disks, tech items and so on, please place them in the guildhouse for future use by other members.

We did recieve some sad new that two more of our members will no longer be with us. Lysithan and Leahna have decided not to return to Istaria. We will miss you guys.

Last order of business was to claim your guild plots. Those of us who were there with no home claimed their piece of Istaria and in celebration of the Guildhouse finally being done, Shya let of some fireworks (which I have to say I missed because I was putting my daughter to bed) out in front of our new home.

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