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Here it is! -  The Jaded Ones guild webpage. 

The Jaded Ones Guild House is located in Hibernia/Tullamore/#4432.
There are houses available in nearby neighborhoods.

We are in the Honour Guard alliance. 
Honour Guard is a new /as with a core of knowlegeable and friendly people.  For the most part small but we like it that way.

The Jaded Ones rules for  /as are simple -- Mind your manners when speaking in /as.  No bad language, no disrespect, and Do NOT ask on /as for a PL.



Jasree, Jul 11, 10 11:02 PM.
In order to achieve and retain unity within our ranks, we need to diligently protect our relationships with each other. Dishonoring another guild mate by any show of public criticism, whether in guild chat or message board, will not be tolerated. We are to think of ourselves as a unit. Attacking another in public lowers morale and hurts the whole unit.
Try to first resolve privately any issue you may have with another guild mate. If no resolution can be reached, bring your concern privately to the guild leader or an officer. Public ridicule of a guild mate is uncalled for and is grounds for banishment.
Please note: This is not referring to the usual joking around.


Jasree, Dec 23, 09 11:46 AM.

Super has been taking requests for templates.  A good thing.

While I was deleting some very old posts to make more room - I did notice that there are
a LOT of templates posted in that section.

Take a looksee.
heyeigale i do not know if you remember me i grouped with you a couple of times. has anyone seen or heard from jas or super who is in charger of guild now.
So-and-so has logged on!