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All Your Loots Are Belong To Us
Nov 27, 11 12:55 PM
Adrift in RL
May 13, 11 8:21 PM
Tower Picklocked
Mar 30, 11 2:58 PM
Introducing Rat Raids!
Jan 30, 11 8:38 AM
EQ2 Mobile
Jan 29, 11 7:59 PM
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All Your Loots Are Belong To Us

SandsMans, Nov 27, 11 12:55 PM.

In the true pirate spirit, VERMIN has expanded their desire to plunder more than just the loot in Norrath.

That's right.

We're spreading our droppings across every nook and cranny we can squeeze our pointy heads into.
And to facilitate what will undoubtedly become world-wide domination, we have a new base of operation.

You cannot hide from us.

We will find your pixels in EverQuest 2, SW:TOR, LotRO, Champions Online, DCUO, XBox Live, Hello Kitty Online; and you will be...


Adrift in RL

Kooli, May 13, 11 8:21 PM.

We're going on our third week of no EQ2. Since then, the days have blurred together. Without the in-game clock, many of us are confused, wondering if it's been weeks, months, or years since hearing our last Achievement or Quest Completion DING!

And although the rest of the world will remember May 2nd as the day Osama bin Laden was killed...While people celebrate or hold vigils in remembrance, we shall forever curse the day as the time we were deprived access to our gameworld for the longest, most agonizing period in MMO history.

We know not why the gods have forsaken us (other than some dumb hackers screwed with the Sony game servers). Our wailing and gnashing of teeth have gone unnoticed by the higher powers. We are adrift in Real Life. Without hope or purpose. When our supply of Hot Pockets ran out last week, we didn't even bother to re-stock. When our urine bottle beneath the computer desk became full...we cried, realizing that we could have used the bathroom all day long. And yes, we are still wearing our headsets, cords dangling and sometimes dragging on the floor behind us.

As we continue to seek solace in Free-To-Play games and refresh the news updates on our Facebook wall every 5 minutes, it is important to hold onto one very important and possibly life-saving Truth: Goober Hates You.

He thinks you are a sissy weakling who sucks worse than the baby seals he clubbed for experience points as a child. He smells of jum-jum, feet, and moldy ham. And he has a homemade braided arse-hair trinket that he made for you as a Welcome Back gift when the servers are back online.

So drop a sausage on the ground, then eat it -- in tribute to Goober and the promise of dancing in the pixelated light of Norrath once more.

Tower Picklocked

Kooli, Mar 30, 11 2:58 PM.

Velious is about to be tainted in a big way. VERMIN has just gained access to the x2 Tower.

Oobam, Frostwulf, Shinzar, Goober, Raynie, & Fleas donated their blood over and over again to the cause. Each wipe brought them closer and closer to understanding the strategy behind the vile witch of the Tower. As she continued to taunt us with her eveel laughter and the creepy hands that clutched her bosom, we grew more determined to defeat her and her hoard of undead minions.

Finally on the last pull of the evening, we succeeded by running away like little girls (who knew that would count as a successful strat?)!

So congrats to Oobam, Frostwulf, and Fleas who all now have access. And congrats to the whole group for now knowing the strategy for future attempts. And congrats to VERMIN for taking the first step towards Velious Raiding!

I realize that for many the adjustment from lag-fest Public Quest raids to a raid with only 12 people can be a difficult jump. The transition period can be a long and challenging process. You may need to accustom your eyes to seeing a frame rate higher than 2. You may need to actually tolerate a Healer in your group. And you will need to accept that you may not get a hour break in between each pull.

If these aspects of x2 raiding are causing you anxiety, here's an image to bring you comfort while we prepare for tackling the Tower...

So-and-so has logged on!