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Reign of Fury (Hibernia Merlin)

Welcome to Reign of Fury. A DAoC Guild on the Merlin Hibernia Server. Just some introductory notes before the Site News below:

Application Process:

For those of you coming here to see how to become a part of Reign of Fury please read the forum "Recruitment" in the Forums area of the site. The sticky Link is below:

±Guild Rules and Guidlines±

Also make sure that you register with the guild site.  This will enable you to see guild and alliance posts and events on the calendar. The link is listed below for your convenience!!!

±Guild Web Site Registration±
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Reign of Fury is still alive and kicking.
By Qelas, Jan 5, 10 9:44 PM

Just wanted to give all a heads up in case you happened to wander by the old guild web site.

Reign of Fury is still active!

If you have recently tried to login to DAOCc, you might have noticed that the old servers are no longer listed, that's because they have been archived... Read More

Join the Midget Mafia!
By Vilka, May 10, 07 2:42 PM

Yes! Thats right we want you shorty! Get your Nightshade or Ranger and dust off those old vials of poison and arrows. I want a steady eight man stealther group. Yup is all about the dirty fighting! Get your toon to level 50, get some champion heals, get some rams and get your butt out to RvR. It's g... Read More

Feel you're a reporter?
By The Moos, Mar 28, 07 7:19 AM

Right, as some of you might of noticed I have not been in game for a while now. Why? Because I am off fulfilling my dream of becoming an astronaught for NASA. Anyways, my space explorations are somewhat inhibiting me from updating people on the Guild News etc. So, just as a simple reminder, EVERYONE... Read More

By Arkanjelii, Mar 8, 07 2:41 AM

I would like to say...


Hardheadva, Fluterbie and Xchantnier for dinging lvl 50.  Been a long road, but you three ... Read More

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!
By The Moos, Feb 12, 07 12:02 PM

Ok, so what has been going on as of late in good ol' RoF. Well, we have seen a decent mix of people on, leading to some very busy guild nights and some decent guild events going on. RvR has been a priority for most of us (especially those of us competeing for the top spot on RPs for the week!) and i... Read More

New Alliance!!!
By The Moos, Feb 6, 07 1:37 PM

As some of you already know, we have now become a part of the Blades of Hibernia Alliance. We made many great friends in the Broken Silence Alliance and we are lucky that BoH allowed 4 guilds to move over at once! So, look in /as for some new faces and some old faces, and lets all make a combined ef... Read More

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