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Welcome to Damage Incorporated!

Damage Inc is one of the largest alliances on the Killibury cluster, situated on the Midgard/Merlin server. The focus of this alliance is a sense of community in Realm vs. Realm combat. Player vs. Enemy combat is of course always present and important, but the goal of Damage Inc is to create an alliance that will help the realm of Midgard advance and stay competitive in the large and small scale RvR scene.

GM contact info:
Acacian - , AIM: UTBaconBoy

Rules for the Alliance are:

1. First and foremost be nice to all alliance members. NICE means treat them like you treat any friend you have. Don't cut anyone down, don't start unnecessary "drama", be courteous, don't insult anyone. If you follow the same social rules you follow in person the alliance will be a great community for all. Of course we realize that, just as in real life, there will be drama, disagreements, and misunderstandings - please handle them like adults.

2. Listen to the GMs and Alliance leaders! Damage Inc guild GMs are the leaders of this alliance, and as such are responsible for keeping the peace and keeping things civil in the /as channel. If Acacian, Matajugador, Nyris, or Datsuns tells you to stop doing something, you had better listen. They DO have the power to remove guilds from the alliance and under extreme circumstances will do so. Officers in Damage Inc are in charge of things if a GM is not present, so anything you need or have to say speak to an officer or GM of Damage Inc. Also remember that every GM in the alliance has an important position of leadership, so if you have any problems and can't get a hold of anyone from DI, let a GM know.

3. Selling, Trading, and Buying are allowed in alliance channels. This is of course only if you follow the other rules in the alliance, particularly rule 4.

4. Absolutely no spam of any kind! If you say something once on the /as channel, people can see it and will respond if they are interested. You can of course repeatedly remind people of things such as: ML steps being done, RvR raids going on, Artifact raids, and important events such as that. However understand that you only need to remind the /as about PvE raids once every 10 minutes AT THE MOST. RvR raids are an exception, as this is an RvR alliance the /as will often be used to update and inform people about what is going on in New Frontiers. However, send the same message repeatedly over a few seconds is absolutely against our rules.

5. Off-Topic conversation is to be kept to a minimum. The /as channel is to be used primarily for game-related conversations. Every once in a while it is understandable to discuss world events, popular culture, or entertainment in these channels - but remember that the /as is not there for this reason. Any game-related topic is fair game however, including heated topics such as class balance, realm balance, and in-game politics.

6. Respect 8v8 fights! We do have 8v8 guilds in the alliance, and as such their goal is to pit a FG of themselves vs. a FG of enemies - no more. If you start a PUG or an 8v8, learn to respect other people's fights. Many guilds would rather lose a good 8v8 fight than win an unbalanced 16v8. This is, of course, known as "Ass Jamming", and is not allowed in this alliance. Obviously there are mistakes, circumstances, unknowin AJs, or situations that can excuse this every once in a while. However if a guild is consistently "AJin" 8v8 fights, they will be warned and punished if need be. We want to respect every play style in this alliance.

Submit your screenshots!

AcacianLeaves, Feb 16, 06 3:43 PM.
I'd like to jazz up the page a little with screenshots and images from DAoC, but my own collection is kind of limited. E-mail me your favorite screenshots at and I will start to include them with the layout and design, as well as list them on the Images sidebar and add them to the random picture tab.


536995050_Inactive, Feb 11, 05 2:50 PM.

Welcome Damage Inc. guild and alliance members! Please register using your main character. Access will be granted ASAP so please be patient.
Feel free to post any suggestions you think would make this a stronger, more beneficial forum for our guild and/or alliance. Pass the word around! We are back in business!
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