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(COH) Syrinn
Virtue, City of Heroes/Villains
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After years of abuse at the hands of her parents and on the streets of New York Syrinn finally rose to the challenge and used her mutant abilities to protect herself against an attempted rape, the result was death to one of her attackers, found guilty for man slaughter Syrinn was given the chance to work for a government underground agency for the gifted or a life in jail. Choosing the former she spent years in a secret military camp perfecting her skills as an assassin. After becoming there prize student she discovered the truth of the agency. The agency wasn’t government funded at all. It was simply a criminal organisation for assassin recruitment. Syrinn escaped the compound and headed for paragon with her former trainer and mentor to enlist other heroes to bring down the agency known as ISA.

Character Flags & Keys
[Badges] Badge: Avatar
[Badges] Badge: Bird Watcher
[Badges] Badge: Celebrant
[Badges] Badge: Celebrity

Character Stats
Archetype: Tanker G.Handle: @Syrinn
Origin: Mutant SecLvl: 42

Awarded Medals: Awarded to the leaders of the KoP

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  (COV) Addison
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Character Skills
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