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Hello, and welcome to Noble Hearts All-Stars, the gathering place for online gaming friends! The site was started by a guild in Everquest Online Adventures, and now has transformed into a place for all of us to talk and laugh, and to catch up with old friends.Join us for discussions about old games, the games we're playing now, and the new game that we're thinking about playing. Also join us for strange discussions about badgers, what Kuhl does around 4:20PM, and a guy named Leeroy.

Noble Hearts All-Stars Has Launched!

Gotesister, Jun 3, 06 2:30 PM.
I've done some cleaning of the site to give us some room for our new mission: to talk games and gaming and friends! The old forums are locked and archived, but still available to read. The FAQ has been weeded out to get rid of useful information like 'Who can come to raids?'. And, of course, I've chosen new colors. This time I actually opened my eyes when I clicked...

There will be more content coming, but really the content is up to you. This site is for all of you, the people who made EQOA fun, and WoW fun, and all of your other games fun. Add stories, let us know what you're doing, ask about old friends. Introduce new friends. I want you all to kick off your shoes and put your feet up on the desk. This space is yours. Enjoy. :)

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