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4th Row:  Tavarua, Whist, Kobutada, Finduilas, Windaze, Drkangel, ZoneX
3rd Row:  Gades, Aslann, Billiam, Karlgottfried, Lauralanthalasa, Serges
2nd Row:  Asiren, Kayanna, Shirin, Sneakyrose
1st Row:  Talin, Reica, Kaver, Fogoazul, Flemming, Jewelchic, Mathais, Mikski

Treasures of Aht Urghan Group 1 DONE!!!

Genjuro_X00, Oct 22, 07 9:13 PM.
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Treasures of Aht Urghan for Group 1 Complete!!!! RAWR!!!

CoP complete group 1

537660251_Inactive, Apr 22, 07 11:04 PM.

Technial Junk Forums has been added.

Genjuro_X00, Apr 15, 07 2:25 AM.
The Technical Junk forums will be used as a guide from those that have the knowledge and wish to freely distribute it to those that don't.  I hope it works ^^;.

Yay 1st group to sea!

537660251_Inactive, Mar 18, 07 12:04 AM.

Snoll Tsar session 1 COMPLETE!

Genjuro_X00, Feb 11, 07 3:08 AM.
Congratulations LS, part 1 of the snoll tsar battle is complete.  Statistics are:

Party Configuration:  2 x Blm, Whm, Mnk, Rng, Pld
Total Damage Dealt:  9009
Total Salts Used:  2

Part 2 will probably commence on Wednesday or something I think.  Finduilas, Billiam, and Drkangel do not have this battle yet so lets pave the way for those guys as well.  Come on sea!
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