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Thank you for your interest in Templar Fidelis. We are a premier guild Established June 2006, pre BC. We pride ourselves on being a mature, friendly and helpful guild. Appropriate online game etiquette is must and expected at all times as a Templar Fidelis member.

Templar Fidelis is a raiding guild focused on having fun while obtaining end game content. We also enjoy everyday questing, pvp, and running instances.



  • Characters with End Game raiding experience.
  • Ability to meet raid times and join raids on a consistent basis.
  • Be prepared with consumables, scrolls, reagents etc.. Don't slow the raid down. BE PREPARED!!!
  • Use of Ventrillo and/or Mumble. Please have a working headset with microphone.
  • Use appropriate addons as needed. Deadly Boss Mods, Big Wigs, ETC... ( is very helpful)
  • Know your class abilities and be an asset to the raiding group.
  • Read up on fights, watch videos, ask questions to better inform yourself on what to expect.


Please visit the Information section for more general and guild information.

If Templar Fidelis sounds like a guild for you please apply at our home page. Limited positions open for key candidates.


Please follow the link below to fill out an application to join Templar Fidelis.


All Raids are posted on Blizz calendar
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Welcome to the Templar Fidelis website.

Templar Fidelis

is an adult guild with members primarily ranging in age 18 and above.  We are a progressive raiding guild, however casual raiders are welcome. It is my belief that Guilds are only as powerful or as useful as the leadership's commitment to the guild. Therefore we have THREE Guild Masters and a class officer for each class, as well as two raid leaders, and a recruitment officer. All officers are fair and impartial, and above all, are here to do their part in service to the guild.

I would like to note that it is not possible for one or even a few people to "carry" the entire guild. Success requires understanding and effort by every guild member. The officers and other leaders play this game to achieve their own personal goals and also to have fun.

We are very interested in mature, understanding, low-drama people who log on to promote a positive atmosphere and help their fellow guild mates. The typical demographics of our guild are intelligent and professional players between the ages of 18 to …. This is not a requirement, but stated to emphasize the atmosphere that We want to maintain. If you cannot be a part of this kind of atmosphere, then I’m sure there are plenty of other guilds that would be right for you.

We have tried to structure our guild in a way where all our members have a say in the important decisions which affect our guild.  We have a list of guild rules which we expect all our members to adhere to. (INFORMATION SECTION) We also have a guild Honor Code.

Templar Fidelis Honor Code

Templar Fidelis members must always:


  • Be an advocate for what is right.
  • Be a patron to those who are not as fortunate.
  • Exemplify leadership regardless of rank.
  • Hold paramount the well being of their brethren.


Bear and Latiger  GM's of Templar Fidelis

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Listing your characters

In order to use the web site to its full potential, it is very important that you list all your characters under "Character / Settings" at the top of the page. Simply click "add character," fill in the name and select the game (WOW) and server (Vek'nilash) for your main and alts.


If you are a member of Templar Fidelis, we encourage you to join and use the website. To do so, you need to apply (link below) using your main toon's name. If the name is already taken, try adding numbers or underscore. IMPORTANT: If we don't find the name you applied with on the guild roster (or something we recognize), you will not be granted full access, since we have no idea who you are. We try to check for new applications everyday, but if you have waited over 1 day and your application hasn't been approved, please contact Adorail or Cenna in game for approval.




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