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Who Is Crit?    
Crit Happens is a Late Night Horde guild on Rexxar.  We are a social guild yet we participate in end-game content.  Check out our About page to learn more about us and what we offer.
Raid Times    
Crit Raid Times 

All raid times are
Central Time Zone.

Weekday Team Raid Schedule
Monday      Open
Tuesday      Open
Wednesday Open
Thursday     Open
Friday         Open
Saturday     Open
Sunday       Open

Weekend Team Raid Schedule
Tuesday      Open
Wednesday Open
Thursday     Open
Friday         Open
Saturday     O


Game News    
Website and Teamspeak upkeep    
Because of the costs required to sustain a working ventrilo for Crit Happens as well as a Guild Website we are humbly asking members to help donate a few dollars to aid in the cost of upkeep.  FYI, TeamSpeak costs $100.00 per year and Guild portal costs $45.00 per 6months.  Thanks everyone
Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
Guild News    
Other Guild News

Crit Happens Weekday 10 Team Takes down Council of Elders like butter.

Thorinkiller, Aug 7, 13 9:44 AM.

After just a few attempts, the Weekday team takes in some Tier and off their way to go fight in a Mario Scene!


Cakester:   Gauntlets of the Crackling Conqueror Where she gets to pick a DPS or Heal Glove! (heal)

HyshalZerat, Malakk's Soulburning Greatsword

Crit Happens Weekday Team Rams Horridon 10 man!

Thorinkiller, Aug 7, 13 9:35 AM.

After many attempts and hard fighting, the Weekday team took down the big dinosaur!  Congratulations and keep up the good work team!

Nothernsleen:   Flamecaster's Burning Crown

GallifreyanTalisman of Living Poison

Crit Happens Weekday Team Rocks Jin'Rokh The Breaker

Thorinkiller, Jun 6, 13 1:57 AM.

After a long wait, Weekday is starting to catch up to Weekend, 5 more bosses to go!
Congratulations to the Team and the loots:
Zieg - Chestplate of Violent Detonation

Caramion - Jin'rokh's Soulcrystal Thunderforged

- Ionized Yojamban Carapace
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