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Im Off.......Bye
Aug 17, 02 1:21 PM
Jul 12, 02 10:12 AM
Jul 12, 02 8:16 AM
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Im Off.......Bye

Deleted User, Aug 17, 02 1:21 PM.
Im sorry to say that im leaving CoTiC Over the past few months on this game i have seen many ppl that i considered good friends leave this guild and move elsewhere. I was willing to lead you all until elrich returned but i did not fancy rulling a guild that to be honest had a lot of potential but with no1 logging lol... When handie left yesterday i saw this as the final nail in the longbow. I have now joined shadowlords society however ocond will remain in CoTiC. I have loved every minute of the guild but i hope you understand my reason. Thanks


Deleted User, Jul 12, 02 10:12 AM.
YAY, we managed to create the new guild complete with emblem today. As soon as u can plz leave old guild and get either, Maurice, Galidien or Myself to invite u to new one. I see many good things for this guild. The emblem ROX btw so get it asap. BUG


Deleted User, Jul 12, 02 8:16 AM.
As It seems Elrich is not possible to log on to the game, and we are deemed leaderless (unable to do anything), several peeps including myself feel we must create a new guild to spread new life amongst the lords. i suggest we name it "C o T i C" and create a new emblem to mark the day. And so i will be requiring 8 peeps to meet myself at the round table at about 18:00 hrs GMT 19:00 CET so we can undertake the task. I understand I have been chosen as the new GL and i will do my best to serve the guild in any way possble. Below i have set out the lords and positions of certain members ( if i have missed u out then gimmie a shout) Buggeroff ( Guild Leader ) Fistulandus/Ilmater/Handie/Scarabi ( Lords ) All else, your ranks will remain the same. as soon as new guild has been created and i see u have logged in, get on of the lords to invite u. I hope this will all go to plan as im sure it will. Buggeroff TheHood

With heavy heart

, Jul 4, 02 3:54 PM.
Folks, I am so so so so so sorry. I have to leave DAoC. I am moving house in 2 weeks and as yet I have nowhere to go... :/ I have been hoping for a long time that this would have sorted itself out but it hasn't. We are being kicked out and I haven't found anywhere to go yet!!! I don't know where I am going to live next or when I am going to get online or where or how. I cannot play DAoC at work so I am screwed. I am so so so sorry as I have loved every hour I have spent with you guys. My main priority now is to find somwhere to live so I don't end up selling the big issue...seriously! Please keep in contact, my email is and I would welcome emails from you all. I am so sorry, I would have loved to have carried on running this guild cos you are all great and we have such a good laff but, basically, finding somewhere to live is what I need to do. I may be online in 2 weeks, it may be 2 months I just don't know...and that's not good enough for you guys. So with heavy heart I have to say goodbye now whilst I still have means to do so!!! Good luck to all and pls send me emails as to how things are going as one day I may be back! Elrich.

Regular guild events

, Jun 28, 02 3:28 AM.
Here are the plans for regular guild events: Weekly meeting - Every Thursday at 19:00 GMT. Location either camelot round table or Adribard's Keep. Weekly cash dash - Every Sunday at 19:00 GMT. Location cornwall station and then trip to Lyonesse. ALL proceeds to guild to be given to guild crafters. 3 hours or so of solid killing should net a few hundred G. Guild RvR - several slots and everyone welcome. 1) After weekly meeting. 2) Monday evenings 21:00 GMT 3) Friday evenings 21:00 GMT Cheers all!
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