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Levissa (SuperAdmin) 8/3/2010 12:10 AM EST : Raven Guard's NO DRAMA Policy
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In character (IC) drama is accepted, however out of character (OOC) is not.

Raven Guard is a guild who caters to MATURE gamers whom respect each other and those outside the guild.  We have a strict NO DRAMA policy which is heavily enforced.  While drama in Raven Guard is actually quite rare, we can't guarantee that we will be 100% drama free.  However, we can guarantee how it will be dealt with.  Officers and myself will do our best to keep the drama from being filtered down to members.  In the end, this is just a game.  Regardless of their rank, no one wants to deal with drama.

Drama Policy

We all play this game for different reasons.  Some of us play to roleplay, others to group, raid, solo.  Raven Guard caters to that.  We are made up of roleplayers, raiders, soloers and those who enjoy grouping.  No one will ever be chastised because there are multiples of <insert class here>, they don't have the best gear or don't know a zone.  We are all here to help each other and do things together as a guild.  If you need help or want a group, ASK.  Do not expect us to come to you because none of us are mind readers.  Conversely, don't be afraid to strike up roleplay in guild chat or in the guild hall.  We are at the very core, a roleplay guild.

Most of us are adults.  Act like it.  As per the Dispute Resolution Guide, if you have a problem with something someone did/said, TAKE IT TO TELLS and TALK to that person.  Do not make an issue of it in guild chat, or other public channels!  Usually a quick "Hey, can you not say/do that?" will suffice.  If it persists and you need a mediator, please come poke myself or an officer!  That is what we are here for.  Do not bring other members whom are not involved into it unless it is an officer.  That will constitute as violating the NO DRAMA policy and is grounds for removal from the guild.

A little respect goes a long way.  We don't expect our members to like each other but we DO expect our members to at least get along with each other.  After all, we all wear the same tag.  We also expect every member to treat each other and those outside the guild with respect.

No complaining/begging/spamming in guild chat or other public channels.
  No one likes to see someone else complain, spam and especially beg in guild chat or public channels.  We will all gladly help those who ask, but do not beg.  No one wants to hear someone else constantly complain or spam in guild chat.

We expect our members to be involved with the guild and make the effort to make Raven Guard a good fit for you.
  Getting involved can be anything from greeting members as they log in, acknowledging accomplishments, striking up roleplay or ooc conversation in guild chat to grabbing folks for a group or whatever.

The Three Strikes Rule

Raven Guard has always operated on a "three strikes" rule.  

  • Strike One:  If either myself or the officers have to get involved, we will usually send a quick tell to member(s) involved letting them know that what had gone on wasn't cool and could have been dealt with differently.  That is usually the end of it.
  • Strike Two:  If it persists and myself or officers have to get involved again, the member(s) involved will be demoted to recruit and placed on probation.  Once demoted, alts will be removed per policy (as recruits are not allowed alts within the guild) and you will have to work your way up through the ranks once more.  If the member is a recruit, then they will be removed from the guild.
  • Strike Three:  Removal from the guild.  Period.  If you are removed from the guild due to drama, you will not be welcomed back.

As with any policy, if you have questions, don't hesitate to poke myself or an officer.


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