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Festival of the Blood Moon
Nov 16, 16 3:00 AM EST
Festival of the Blood Moon
Nov 16, 17 3:00 AM EST
Festival of the Blood Moon
Nov 16, 18 3:00 AM EST
Festival of the Blood Moon
Nov 16, 19 3:00 AM EST
Festival of the Blood Moon
Nov 16, 20 3:00 AM EST
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Raven Guard

Forged from the might of battle, this group of mercenaries have decided to form their own mercenary legion.

The Guard calls the Antonia Bayle server home and caters to mature gamers
who focus on camaraderie, raiding, roleplay, exploration and having fun.

((Special thanks to Vazok for our website graphics!))

Member of the Month!    
Raven Guard has chosen to dedicate this page to randomly chosen members for the month.  So, without further ado, for the month of JANUARY 2010, please congratulate CHOLO!

1. What is the most fearsome beast you have ever had the pleasure (or perhaps displeasure) of encountering?

Oh that's easy. It was the madam of a brothel in Maj'Dul.

Well.. Turns out, she was really just the mother of several rather lovely daughters, but that's hardly MY fault now, is it?

2. Of all the places you’ve traveled to, which is your favorite and why?

Maj'Dul, please see the previous question. :-)

3. Rumor has it?

That an assassin pays my rent in exchange for favours.

4. Where would one be finding you in your downtime? Favorite pub? Cock fights? Gnomish boxing match?

Downtime? Who has that? Between my simian enterprises and the ladies, who gets downtime?

5. Your views on the political stance between Qeynos and Freeport.

You know, I've thought long and hard about this, and honestly the petty one-upmanship and posing really seems all about maintaining the status quo. Essentially, I don't see any real activity one against the other, and it all serves to simply make things difficult and unpleasant when I go visit a uh, friend over there, or vice versa. Who wants to take a shower after having to navigate the bloody sewers just to get into town? Additionally, since they don't bother to post the tax burden, I'd wager that there's a high price to be paid for all that manicured shrubbery and the brightly painted buildings over there. Have you seen the shiny guards there in Q? Whatever, they serve little purpose in either city other than to project an aura of authority that I've never particularly bought into.

6. Your thoughts on the rumors of war.

War? What war? More accurately, have we ever NOT been at war? It's always a battle over resources, you know? One group wants clean water, another needs a place to dump the offal from the gnome processing plant. Eventually someone gets their nose out of joint, and it's all "War" this and "battle" that. Really, much like any other general disruption, it just annoys me. In the long run it strikes me as another propaganda tactic to ensure that everyone feels the pressure to produce. It's so economically vital, it seems, to have someone to hate. It always drives the prices up for the smithy, like myself, and in fact for pretty much all other items when the perception is that it's urgent to consume consume consume. That's why I really take refuge in the monkey sometimes. It was supposed to be a curse, but really sleeping in the tree outside my house and dropping walnuts on the heads of unsuspecting ogres can be quite fulfilling if you've the right attitude.

7. Do you have any special weapons, adornments, armor, etc., that holds any special meaning to you?

None at all. It's for sale, all of it!
My house is my pride and joy. It was looted pretty near clean when I was gone for so long, but with the recouping of much of my wealth and the help of the lovely Clancy, she's back and better than ever. I DO want to get one of those inflatable gnomish bounce thingies and fill it with baby oil to put on my patio. Imagine all the fun the girls from Maj Duhl and Mara would have THEN!

8. Your thoughts on the return of the gods.

We've done fine staying out of each others way for so long, I have no idea why they'd go and ruin such a good thing.

9. Have you taken up a path with a god? If so who and why?

Have you MET me? (or listened to my answer just a moment ago?) No god, no way, no how. I've barely enough time to keep the assassin happy enough to cover the cashflow problems generated from general apathy and long absence.

10. Your favorite drink and/or food?

Sardine and molasses cookies and Peaches and Pomegranate drenched in fresh cream! slap slap DONE!
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