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537296644_Inactive, May 22, 06 9:53 PM.
Riot Control has applied to Legion of Lancelot alliance. 

An Alliance of Families, of Friends, of Legends

We, the joining guilds, of the alliance come together upon common grounds to forge a new balance in the battle of good and evil. We, of common and royal lines, seek the peace that can only be found in annihilating the Midgard and Hibernian hold on Albion's land, relics, and faith.

To this effort we have set forth the following charter, naming one and all that pledge to it, a Legend of Lancelot....

Each and every guild member pledges to maintain honor and pride by way of proper conduct while within the halls of the alliance. This is defined as no language surpassing a PG-13 rating and refraining from all demeaning comments. WTS/WTT should be kept in moderations or a chat should be opened for this traffic.

Each and every guild member pledges to continue in the battle against the scourge of Midgard and Hibernian hordes.  This is defined as maintaining 800 realm points per member account, per each month.

Each and every guild pledges to attend meetings with the intention of maintaining the continued growth and prosperity of this alliance.  This means attending 75% of the weekly alliance meetings per month (meetings are scheduled for Mondays at 10 pm ET.)

Each and every guild pledges to lead a posted event once a month. Posted events should be made four days prior to the event taking place.

The council will notify guilds which are failing in their pledge.  After notification, the guilds in question will be placed in a probationary period.  Guilds who are not able to maintain active status and uphold the pledges of the alliance, may be removed after the probationary period.

Any guild who has notified the council of pending activities will not be removed as long as there is communication (e.g. deployment by the military or personal problems causing extensive time away from the game.)  After all this is a game and real life must come first.

Please read and follow this, We are on probation for this alliance.

Let it me know that any violation of this alliance rules regardless of rank in guild, will result in that violator being put on probation in guild, if the violation is cheating your account will be booted from guild.

Riot Control Dominated DAOC

536999270_Inactive, May 15, 06 12:52 PM.
Well guys and gals Davido here.  Figured it was time for a new News post and to let everyone know whats going on with the guild.

I'll start with myself.  I'm not Done with the game by any means.  I have to many RL commitments going on right now.  I'm trying to start my own business and dig myself outa a $10 Grand Debt.   I'm 24 needing to start my life g/f work everything.  I've put it off long enough.  So its time for me to invest the time I put into making RC what it is and was into my RL. 

With me needing to take time for myself instead of the guild, I have realized and known for awhile no guild can function without an active GM.  This is why I have promoted Jasmien to the Guild Master position.  And albertina to the Sr. Officer position.  NOT ONLY are these two people more then capable of holding these positions and keeping the guild runnin smoothly, they are also LONG time RC.  I trust my 4 years of work to them.  I trust new and old guildies will do the same.  As I stated before I AM NOT DONE.  Just getting my shit together.

Now on to RC.  RC has been and will ALWAYS be One of the strongest if not the strongest guild to every play on Lance Alb.  We have lead Relic Raids.  We have assited on Relic Raids.  We have been Co Leaders in Relic Raids.  In late March while we were still taking a break as a guild, 6 RC members in a PUG with another PUG stole the Mid str relic from under thier noses.  2g's Got a relic and there were more RC there then any other guild.  Pretty damn good for a guild who at the time was believed to be declining.  We held the #1 8 man guild for Alb Lance for over a year.  One of the TOP competitors for almost 2.5 years.  We are #4 on total RP for any guild on Alb Lance.  We have Beaten Every single guild group in 8 man at least once.  Even Gimps has fallen to RC.  We might not have won every battle but we won the majority.  Thats what counts.  RC has made TNO jump and run from a keep because Davido and his Ice bomb crew OWNED  keeps in Old Frontiers.  We have stopped TNO from taking a keep with a Friar and an Ice wizz with thier more then a FG of people.  We held Weekly Dragon raids.  We owned the market for stones for 6 months.  We held a keep for 9 months.  RC has accomplished so much in this game its not even funny.  We have lead to many to count Art Raids and ML Raids.  There is not one thing in this game we couldnt do.  So for all of you Old Schoolers' remember this.

You were part of a dynasty in this game.  RC Owned everything.  And for you new guys realize what this guild has done before and know that NOT ONE THING in this game RC cant do. 

And to those RC Officers <and GM> (Not Davido) Who have made this guild what it was and still is.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As I said I am NOT done yet but the last 4 years has been awsome I will never forget it. 

And for the Guildies of RC, Officers or not this guild wouldnt be able to do Near what we have accomplished without you.  Officers pointed us in the right Direction, Guildies took that direction and flew with it.

I LOVE THIS GUILD I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN IT AND THANK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT 4 YEARS.   I AM NOT DONE, I WONT BE TILL THE GAME IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!  But I need to get my shit together, so I wanted to post this to "Point RC in teh right Direction"  It's your turn to make it Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

Tiermeister, Jan 1, 06 3:20 PM.
It is now 2006, hope you had as much fun as I did New Years!
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