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Raiding Rules, Guidelines & Requirements


 Raid organization is a very difficult thing to manage. By nature, raiding is a function that requires strict rules and structure in order for the event to have the best chance to succeed, and to ensure the enjoyment of all attendees.

As such, the following are considered requirements for those participating on raids with Random Significance and by participating on a raid, it is assumed you agree and understand the following:

1. Please sign up for scheduled raids at least 48 hours in advance

  This allows some pre-planning of groups, and lets the raid organizer know if we have slots available for friends/allies of the guild. If you are not signed up, you have no guaranteed participation on a raid event. Please this does not mean signing up minutes or even an hour before the raid is scheduled to start. Please, if at all possible, sign up as soon as you know you will be able to attend.

2. Be at the meeting point approximately 15-20 minutes before the scheduled event.

 This allows us to start the groups and be prepared to leave on time for our final destination. Of course, if the event is late departing for other reasons this is not an issue, but please do not hold up a planned event. You may be running late, but other participants might be on a time constraint. Plan that the raid will be leaving the meeting point at the specified time. If you are not there, do not be surprised if your are left behind AND you may be subject to loot rolling penaltys. Gear should be mended, supplies (food, drink, ammo, repair kits, and potions of the appropriate tier) should be on hand, and you should have everything you need prepared well before muster.

3. Prerequisites.

If prerequisites are required, they will be posted with the event.... and that means they are required. If you do not understand (or do not meet) the prerequisites, please ask the raid organizer or an officer about it, well before the day of the event.  If you show up at the raid without the prerequisite accesses, level requirements, etc, you will probably not be able to participate. Also an estimate time allotment will be posted with the raid information. Please make sure you can stay for the complete time. If you cannot, please speak with the raid leader.

4. Communication.

  It is not necessary that you are able to speak in Ventrilo but it is required you are able to listen. If you do not have this program, you may download it at It is very time consuming for all instructions to be typed out in raid chat. Connection information will be given at raid time. It is required that you monitor and read the communication channels in use for the raid; raid & group chat, as well as custom chat channels if used. During actual encounters, unnecessary raid chatter is to be kept to a minimum to ensure commands issued to the raid by designated participants are not muddied. We want the atmosphere to remain lite, but these are times for focus. Abuse of comms, depending on severity, are possible grounds for reprimand or ultimately dismissal. No one other than members of the hosting guild's Ventrilo server should be on the Ventrilo server at any time other than during raid time, unless with the express consent of a Leader or Officer of the hosting guild.

5. AFK.

  During the raid there will be scheduled AFK times for bio breaks, refill on that coffee, stretching, etc. If you must take an AFK during the normal course of the raid, use the AFK flag and tell the raid leader. It's there for a reason, and lets everyone in the raid see that you're not present. If you go AFK without your flag, expect to be left behind if the group moves on, or possibly disbanded if in a zone that re-pops. As such, it's also a good idea to enable auto-follow on your group leader prior to your AFK in case the group needs to move unexpectedly.

6. Movements of the group.

  It is your responsibility to monitor the movements of the raid group. When departing, announcements will be made in the chosen communication channel. After departure, each group leader will do what they can to ensure that their group stays together during travel, but the main responsibility of staying with the group rests with the individual. It's not practical for a raid leader to announce "Everyone ready?" and tally up 11, 17 or 23 "Yes" responses.  If you are having system (or other issues), please communicate this to your group leader immediately. During a raid, stick with the group, and do not wander during periods of inactivity as many zones have traps which will spawn mobs. You're there for the raid, not to work on side quests. If you need an update for a quest please communicate this to your group leader who can then communicate this to the raid leader.

7. Expect fun and no loot.

 Raid encounters are easily by far the most challenging encounters you will experience in your EQ2 gaming adventures, and will test your player abilities to the limits. They are hard. You will suffer death & mender expenses on raids, guaranteed.  If character death bothers you, you will not enjoy raids.  As well, loot is usually very limited on raids, so there is only a small chance to come away with loot.  We are there for the fun and challenge of the encounter, and not the loot anyway.  :-)

8. Repair Kits.

  It is mandatory that you bring at least one repair kit with you to each and every raid.  If you are in need of a repair kit for the raid please speak with a Carpenter who is at least lvl 65. The cost is each members own responsibility.

9. Engagement.

  Follow direction, and understand basic encounter rules of engagement (like staying out of frontal barrage arcs, and AE range where applicable).  Prior to encounters, the raid leader will give instruction on the encounter, what to expect (if known), and any altered roles for specific players to assume.  Please follow this strictly; many encounters change mid-stream, requiring different strategies that may not fit your typical role in a group.

10. Know your primary role in the raid.

 It is assumed classes will be there to fulfill their primary function, unless stated otherwise. Concentrate on your primary function above all else. If something doesn't work, we'll analyze it and see what we can change at the next attempt.  As well, power management is usually critical... these are very long, intense encounters.

11. Spells, Potions, Poisons, Ammo.

 Please if possible, have at least Adept 3/expert spells. All dps classes should have the appropriate ammo and poisons. Potions should be used by all classes, Please bring at least 100 of each type of Cures. They are available in a wide variety. Please speak to your local Alchemist or the broker if you are in need of any.

12. Attendance.

  Attendance to planned raids is subject to your own schedule and desire to attend.  However, if you do decide to attend, and signup for a scheduled raid, you are expected to attend.  If you have something come up and you cannot attend, you are expected to remove yourself from the sign-up AND contact the raid leader, at least 24 hours in advance.  Emergencys sometimes do happen, and those will be handled on a case by case basis, but generally those that fail to show up on time for a scheduled raid they signed up for will be subject to a 1 complete raid with no loot penalty.  Second offense violators will be subject to another complete raid with no loot penalty.  Third offense violators will possibly be subject to dismissal based on an officer vote.

13. Raid Roster Selection.

  Selection for each event will be determined by the Raid Leader based upon the following guidelines.  All attendees must have thier character profile updated on the alliance roster page.

 Level (level 80, exceptions made by raid leader on a case by case basis)
 Required classes
 Experience with RS or particular zone. 


 Please do NOT make scenes, criticize other players, or be "nasty" to them in public. Please keep disagreements and "bickering" to tells if you must.

15. Complaints and or violation of rules.

If you have a complaint please bring it up through channels don’t sit there and let a problem ruin your game experience. On the other side don’t be the cause of issues by talking about others for no good reason.  If you have an idea, feel free to use the forums or send information through channels.
Just what are the channels?  Most guilds have a senior member in the Alliance please pass your idea or complaint to them they can filter and a lot of time, solve most problems.  If not they will contact one the Alliance leaders.  If you don’t have a Guild leader please feel free to contact one of the Alliance leaders. This can be done through in game mail. GP mail or tells. Note: unless it will affect the ongoing raid Please don’t do tells to the raid leader while in raid. The raid leader can be overwhelmed by tells while a raid is going on.

The consequences for violation of the Alliance rules can be as follows, but are not limited to the following:

First offence you will be asked to correct the issue, that that can range from bringing the right equipment to the raid the next time, to an apology to the raid force or member for offensive conduct.

Second Offence you will be asked to miss the next raid.

Third offence you will be banned from RS raids for 1 month.

In the case of flagrant or extreme abuse you can be banned completely.  

No one Alliance leader can ban a member, that takes a majority vote of leaders and Officers.

16. Roles of the leaders and officers

A: Cirdan- Main admin of RS site who approves/dissaproves applicants.  Handles majority of out-of-raid issues that are brought up disciplinary actions.

B: Kallous- Main scheduler of raids and running said raids, learning strategies, timers, etc.  In-raid related issues if needed.

C: Officers- Adds opinions wherever needed.  Will get vote for disciplanary action in disciplinary actions are needed or brought up.

Leaders must be a neutral representation of the raid force.
Officers are a representation of their respective guild.

There will be an officer for each of the major guilds (NG, KoG, DH), with the much smaller guilds being represented by one of the officers as a "surrogate"...that way leaders can remain a neutral face. 

17.  Probation

Each new member and or new guild will have a short probation period of not more than four raids with RS. We reserve the right if we find that during this probation that there are issues that cause problems for the raid force to ban a player and or guild from RS.





Everyone in the raid will be allotted 1 NEED and 1 GREED per raid zone.  You may only roll need for the toon you are on, with some exceptions like Master I Spells and non-tradable class items which will be explained farther into this article.

THE 69 RULE,  On Trash rolls only!!!

Items can be won with a /ran 100 roll of 69.  In case of a tie it will be re-rolled

Looting Procedure

NO ONE! is to roll for ANYTHING UNTIL CALLED FOR by the Raid Leader!! At that time use the "/RAN" command in raid chat.

1. There will be SIX catagories for rolling for loot.


These items can be an immediate upgrade to the toon you are playing. Need rolls will be farther catagorized to what classes will be allowed to roll on each item as determined by the raid leader. **Example** A ring drops that's usable by all classes, but has a +3 spell crit proc.  Leader calls for only mages to roll (even though furies might not like that one).  Any mage then rolls /ran 100 if they think they need it.


(greed): these items can be rolled on by anyone who can use it reguardless of what classes that were called by the raid leader for need.


if you have a Toon that can use the item at this time or is within 3 to 4 levels.


(greed): To be used for your appearance not to be rolled on for alts.


Trash (greed) If we have a Transmuter in the raid force you can ask them to Transmute the item for you. (Remember Mana's are rare)


Trophy heads will be first rolled on by ONE representitave of each guild that does NOT have that particular head in their guild hall.  If all present guilds have that head, then individuals may roll /ran 100 for it.


Any master spell will first be distributed to who is in the raid who needs by the toon he or she is on.  If no one needs on their current toon, then it will be available for anyone in the raid who's ALT can use.  If no one needs, then it will be open to a greed roll for all in the raid force.  No matter how it gets distributed, masters will be considered a greed roll.


Raid leader's decides on how legendary chest loot will be distributed.
These are mostly seen in T7 raid zones and Ward of Elements x2.

4. Non-tradable class specific items

When a member/members have already won their two loot rolls and one of these types drops again and is usable they will be able to Roll for this class of item We do not want this type of usable item/s to go to trash.






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