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Ancients of Greymane is an alliance guild on World of Warcraft's Greymane server. We're a casual guild and a friendly group of people who have fun with the game and chatting with each other.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us!

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~Alassra~, Jan 25, 11 6:40 PM.
Hellos all!

Well, Cata has been out for a bit now... We have been running heroics regularly and have many members and alts up to 85... The fun is about to begin... =)  We are preparing to venture into the Cata raids and there is much excitement and challenge ahead with this.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself w/the current rules in regards to raiding w/the guild in the forum section here on the website.   This will save all from any surprised during our raids as they start.  While we cannot fit everyone who would like to go in these first runs into testing the waters, please know that we will eventually start our two grp runs again and we will give all a chance to raid w/the guild.  Just please be patient =)

Also, w/so many new members joining, our ranks are  growing very rapidly w/more new members everyday.  Please to those new coming in, be sure to register here and join via the guild application, familiarize yourself w/our guild rules.  The current and older members, please read the posting of the guild rules in the Updates, Changes, ect. section of the  forum here on the website and sign if you agree to follow by them.  If there are any concerns from any members or potential members regarding our rules, please come to either the Guild Relation officers or your guild reps to discuss these concerns, or any concerns about the guild in general.   We are all here to ensure that our guild grows  together and remains strong as one.  We just celebrated our 5th anniversary on Jan. 20th... This is a HUGE achievement when so many guilds fail to make it to their year anniversary lately!  So a huge thank you to all members for making us the guild we are!

Again, please read up on the rules for raiding w/us and the guild rules in general for all members... Both of these items are huge to avoid any problems in the guild.  Thank you all and have fun!!

~AoG Officers~
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