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R.I.P. Uzrathixius & Sarek the Betrayer
May 25, 11 5:27 PM
R.I.P. Poxathixius & Uzrathixius
Jul 18, 10 12:03 AM
R.I.P. Uzrathixius
Jul 14, 10 5:39 PM
R.I.P. Poxathixius
Jul 11, 10 3:36 PM
CT trials... Completion!
Dec 21, 08 1:09 AM
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R.I.P. Uzrathixius & Sarek the Betrayer

Intuitive, May 25, 11 5:27 PM.
  • Congrats to Jaxxs for winning uzrathixius fang dagger and wakizashi of toxicity (for repairs).
Sarek the Betrayer
  • mountainspine dagger, dual slot studs, Ignite Bones and deadstone leggings TBD.

R.I.P. Poxathixius & Uzrathixius

Intuitive, Jul 18, 10 12:03 AM.
  • Congrats to Jaxxs for winning katana of toxicity and morgue cloth leggings (for repairs), Suzi for winning katana of toxicity (for repairs), Totalsha for winning Blizzard of Karana.
  • Congrats to Crazyarmo for winning naginata of toxicity and vambraces of toxicity, Jaxxs for winning tanto of toxicity (for repairs).

R.I.P. Uzrathixius

Intuitive, Jul 14, 10 5:39 PM.
  • Congrats to Crazyarmo for winning katana of toxicity, toxic wyrm tower and uzrathixius fang dagger, Suzi for winning mortuary leather gloves.

R.I.P. Poxathixius

Intuitive, Jul 11, 10 3:36 PM.
  • Congrats to Jaxxs for winning bladed mace of toxicity and no-dachi of toxicity (for repairs), Suzi for winning toxic wyrm kite.
  • Mending of Nife TBD.

CT trials... Completion!

Intuitive, Dec 21, 08 1:09 AM.
The waiting is over at last! Trial 2 (Celerity) and Trial 3 (Contention) are no longer obstacles :). Kudos to Raigar for tanking Qual'Tin and The Watchman. Many thanks to everyone who made my dream of becoming a CT spawner a reality.

CT trials... to be continued

Intuitive, Aug 19, 08 9:18 PM.
Finally, some progress on Intuitive's CT trials. Trial 1 (Endurance): success! Good job tanking Galladil! Stay tuned for updates on remaining trials.
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