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Twilight Information
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Welcome to Twilight
Welcome to Twilight of the Spirits!

Unfortunately until further notice Twilight of the Spirits is not an actively recruiting guild. We currently are reserved for our alts at this time. We hope in the near future we will revive Twilight of the Spirits to it's former status and glory.

Twilight of the Spirits is a family guild. We enjoy having a variety of people whom bring flavor to our hallowed halls and bring echos of footsteps resounding in these halls. We are dedicated to helping each other in our travels of the realm of Norrath. We enjoy seeking both fun and adventures amongst guild members in Norrath. We have chosen, as a whole, the quality of friendship over power. We believe in Loyality, Justice, Honor, and Courage. A member of the guild is expected to strive to live up to the standards of the guild and what we believe in as a guild. Each member is a reflection upon the guild as a whole. We are but a part of all we have met. We not only leave a meeting with a new footprint on our minds and heart, but we also leave an impression on those we have met. Your deeds, actions, and word reflect not only your character, but also on the collective honor and integrity of Twilight of the Spirits. Remember this when you act and act accordingly with honor and dignity. Bring pride unto your name and Twilight of the Spirits. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. Do not bring shame but honor to our hallowed halls and the guild TWILIGHT OF THE SPIRITS!

Please register with guild portal for a user name and password.  Then return to this page and click the link at the top "join twilight of the spirits"

After joining the Twilight, please feel free to wander our hallowed halls, running is allowed but not with scissors, please take a load off and stay awhile.

Your Humble Guild Leaders, officers, and members of TWILIGHT OF THE SPIRITS!

Late Breaking News
August 20th a wonderful day to remember!
Aug 21, 05 7:47 PM
Jun 28, 05 10:09 AM
A friendly reminder
May 3, 04 3:47 PM
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back into you

- Fredrich Nietzsche
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