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"If you're not making me money, you're wasting my time"  - Every business owner ever.

An enlightened few decided that in the 'verse we would not be your average Slaves to the Wage. If  it's all about money, we're not making it for someone else, we're making it for ourselves, and besides, it's not ALL about the money. So, to those big business types, we would be the Time Wasters. We make our own way, do what we choose, but we don't have to do it alone.

Need a wingman, an escort, a gunner? A boarding party? Someone to haul stuff? Someone to represent you in a negotiation? A Union member could and would do all of those things. For other members, and/or a split of the loot. Or just a previously agreed fee. Like the Trade Unions of Earth's past, we offer services to members and those affiliated with us that go beyond what most organisations might, and expect the same input from our members.

"It's not just about knowing we have your back, it's about knowing you have ours."

It's about cooperation in this big wide 'verse, to make it better for ourselves, not some corporate fat cat who attempts to control everything from behind his desk.

So that's who we are. The Time Wasters Union. I hope this has caught your interest. After all:

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this..."

[pic of TWU logo pin badge, which is a link to recruitment]

Already Contracted to another Organisation? Check out our Affiliates Program.

We have a very very simple ethos:

1. Get together and have fun, whatever the game. It is why we are here.
2. Have a thick skin, banter is banter after all.
3. Don't be a Dick. Banter is good, but don't push it too far. If someone calls you out for being a dick, stop.
4. Contribute where you can. The more people put in, the more we all get out.
5. We do have a language policy, which is simply, 'if someone says innocent ears are about, cut out the swearing'.
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