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Welcome to the Rise of Darkness guild website!


Deleted User, Jul 26, 04 10:51 AM.
ATTENTION :  Rise Of Darkness will be disbanded before the end of this week. Please make your arrangements for your next guild or send tells to appropriate officers in game. 

Dulaks Harbor and LoY zones

Deleted User, May 26, 04 9:02 PM.
Woot! I got my level 46 spell, Celestial Healing, yesterday and just have to do a turn in within the mines of Dulak's Harbor for my level 52 spell, Light of Life.  Dulak's and the surrounding areas have been extremely fun and offer an experience bonus through the hot spot system instituted as of late.  Anyone that needs help finding a spell component or just wanna group for experience and loot in the LoY zones please give me a shout.  Also I will do an adventure with anyone anytime I'm available.  Keeping it crazed.  Baron Auronio TheCrazedOne...

Deleted User, Apr 6, 04 1:45 PM.
It's been a slow month in the guild.  We've just been grinding away at getting xp.  Alot of new gear has been obtained and has been floating around to other guild members in need.   Just send a tell if you're looking for an upgrade ;) - xet

First Epic Event Follow-Up

Deleted User, Mar 8, 04 12:13 PM.
The event into lake Rathetear was successful in obtaining the water for Newstar's druid epic.  I would like to thank Vincente, Satien and Zaanth for attending.  And galfos for helping us get started.

Site content

Deleted User, Feb 27, 04 6:14 PM.
A ton of new content has been added!  Thank you all the people that have joined the roster and added all their info.  The new guild medal system is up and running and i've assigned lots already.  You'll have to attend raids and work on tradeskills to earn them.  There is a good variety there.
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