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Welcome to Malum Ordo !!  We are all family and friends  If you wish to become a member of Malum Ordo Please apply on the recruitment thread to the questions posed in the first post.
All are welcome to read through our public forums and post if they wish, but please, If you have issues with members of this guild may I suggest you take it up with an officer or even that specific person.
This is just a game, so lets have fun
The purpose of Malum Ordo is described through following:

- First, the whole point of playing Everquest is to have fun, make friends, and generally enjoy our free time.  For this reason Malum Ordo is a tight knit group of players who are interested in assisting one another in the World of Norrath.  
Secondly, we all want to become rich and wear the finest items.  This will be accomplished through grouping and raiding adventures.  To become rich and find powerful items we must be bold and brave to adventure into the unknown...dark catacombs, evil towers, and stank prison cells.  We must band together to accomplish this task.
 Third, we all want to explore the World of Norrath and learn of it's ways.  This will only be accomplished by growing in power and level.  This also will require the joint effort of Malum Ordo.  Complete loyalty and trust must exist.  Any rift in these qualities will only derail our progress.  This must not happen.  We will be unified, we will progress, we will conquer.
 Fourth, Malum Ordo has an image to keep. While you wear the Malum Ordo tag, you are a representative of everyone in the guild. There is a certain amount of respect that comes with being a member, and your actions can add to our reputation. Members should never participate in exploitive or dubious activities. Including, training monsters to chase away other groups, training monsters knowing you will cause experience loss. Only with the help of the friends around us can we grow stronger than our numbers show. Respect for other guilds and players is a must.

site update

catsrina, Jun 15, 07 3:22 PM.
Im still working on the website.  Ill also be coming up with a new idea for scrap book, fortunately i do have all the pictures still, phew, just need to find some time, which is dear.
Also ill be renewing the membership soon, that way we wont be running into the post issues.
Sorry for not being on for so long,ive had a lot of company this past month and lifes been hectic as usual, plus the ex has been wacko, he, fortunately, has finally stopped communicating with me.
im really sorry if hes contacted any of you guys, what can i say, im a hard one to get over:)
ok back to work for me:)
ill see you all soon

Scrapbook woes

catsrina, May 30, 07 5:48 PM.
I'm so sorry guys, but our scrapbook was deliberately deleted by Chakaryn.  This was very unfair of him being that it wasn't  just a jab at me but to everyone.
If you wish to participate in another scrapbook we can put it together, ill go through my old files (they go back to 2004) and see if i can find any pics.
once again, i'm deeply sorry.

Equipment Help

catsrina, May 30, 07 5:44 PM.
Since we are all a bit busy these days its been hard for us to pick a day that is good for us to go hunting on.
how about we all choose a day here then:) that way we can work around it.

flying monkeys!!

catsrina, May 30, 07 5:42 PM.
Ok ok its been a while since I posted, well for that matter anyone, but the site is in the process of being updated.
so even for those of you that moved on to newer pastures or different games you will still be able to pop on over and be somewhat entertained.


catsrina, Apr 21, 06 5:14 AM.
What exactly is this A Hug you are all talking of? What does it stand for?
yeah yeah I know, its a meeting thing to bash me, cuz you all feel that I keel you.
But, I'm innocent!
I'll gladly prove it in the arena:)
Most of ya are men, suck it up I say!
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