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 We are the Dawn of Distorted Light.  We seek to usher in a new age of Truth and Liberty to Paragon City by means unconventional and, at times, unpopular.  We care not for the rules that govern the society at large, but strive only to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  This is the dawn of a new era in Paragon City.  We've come to bring the light.


Portal Corp. Rocked by Attacks

Caeilleach, Oct 23, 08 1:10 PM.

Portal Corp. has seen better days, that's for sure. A combination of Rikti Assaults, Zombie Attacks, and Arachnos Raids focusing on Portal Corp., The company has been struck down again and again. With an ongoing team to repair damage as quickly as possible, many heroes and denizens of Peregrine may not realize the state Portal Corp has been left in recently. The funding for the Corporation has been split in two with the recent "groundkeeping" needs - Thus vastly reducing the amount of research that Portal Corp. is actually getting done these days.

The call has gone out to heroes to protect the Portal Corp. from the triple threat, though it has barely reduced the sundering of the grounds. The PPD has supplied private Kheldian-fused officers to help protect the important research of Portal Corp., to little avail. The private funding for Portal Corp. has begun to slow, and they fear that soon they may have to close their doors with the mere trickle of non-government fudning compounded by the cost of the constant repairs.

What does the future hold for Portal Corp.?

Another Triumph for the Dawn (Chronologically the first?)

539729904_Inactive, Jul 13, 08 11:19 AM.

(Dawn members laugh as Romulus experiences a NASA test-esque 3-axis spinning)
(Click for video)

Tuesday night, 8 Dawn members Punch Sideiron, EveryLilThingSheDoes, Unndertakerr, Force Two, Wolfiesama, Black Paws, Perpetual Karma, and Raging Wolf traveled back in time to stop Romulus Augustus and the 5th Column from changing the world's history as we know it.

In a mere 3 hours, the Cimeroran traitors' mutiny was crushed, and all was set right again. The enemy forces were no match for this team, and hopefully have been taught a lesson: Don't mess with the Dawn!

Last Phantom Zoner Joins The Legends of the Dawn!

Fortinbras CoH, Jul 2, 08 11:40 PM.

Congrats, Zoner!

Last Phantom Zoner has taken his place among the other Legendary heroes of the DDL, joining The Legends of the Dawn!

Grats, man!

Task Force Ebony Helps Manticore!

Fortinbras CoH, Jul 2, 08 2:51 PM.

2 hours and 20 minutes is all it took for Dawn members Celestial Treat, Spine Beast, Afro-Sama, Obsur, Rock Star Ex, and Rocky Horrors to bring down Hopkins and his army of Crey.

The Dawn was joined by pick-up members, Helios (fire/kin) and Miss Bliss (Empath) who helped greatly as well.  Obsur was intsrumental in stealthing through 3 of the missions and Spine Beast's AoE's really tore through mobs quickly. 

Really enjoyed running this TF, all.  Feel free to post your own events (as some of you already do...), and as always, have fun!

TF Ebony:
Celestial Treat
Spine Beast
Rocky Horrors
Rock Star Ex

Each Dawn member has received 20 raid points!
Each Dawn member has received the Manticore's associate SG medal!

Dawn Night Crew Takes City by Storm

Fortinbras CoH, Jun 5, 08 3:05 AM.

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Members of the DDL have been seen cavorting around the city, hangin' in Pocket D, meticulously redesigning their costumes at the tailor, and, yes, fighting crime at all hours of the night. 

Villains, be on notice.  The Dawn NIGHTCREW is well dressed, well caffinated, and on the prowl.

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