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Welcome to
R  I  P 

R I P, A World of Warcraft Guild
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Our Mission
"To treat those that wear the twin-headed raven banner as family, 
to treat those that wear the banners of the Alliance as friends, 
and to treat the Horde...poorly."

Our Philosophy
1. Roleplay is preferred when face-to-face. If you don't like to roleplay don't, but do not criticize those that do.

2. Horde, encountered in the wild, should be engaged if the Horde is within plus or minus three levels of the <R I P> member and/or is a guild currently listed on the K.O.S. list.  Exceptions granted in common areas such as Gadgetzan, if the <R I P> member(s) are outnumbered, or if the member(s) is(are) on a special guild assignment.

3. Duels with fellow characters of the Alliance should be accepted within plus or minus three levels as an opportunity for pvp practice.  However, dueling is not required under any circumstance.

4. Under no circumstances is it tolerated that a member of <R I P>  cheat, scam, steal, or "ninja" items from another player in the guild or out of it.

5. Treat others as you would like to be treated...Horde excluded.
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