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WAR is coming!!!

Tarn Shines On: Rank 50!

Everdark, Apr 12, 11 10:43 AM.
Congratulations, Tarn!! Not everyone can level up a <insert class name here> the way you can!

Keep on shining on!

Vosted and Darengil: NG's First Rank 50s

Everdark, Apr 2, 11 4:23 PM.
Congratulations, Northern Guardians of the Brood: Vosted and Darengil, on being the first among the guild to achieve Rank 50!

The Vigil be praised!

NG Returns to WoW!!

Everdark, Dec 16, 09 8:21 AM.
After drifting apart for the glory of forging new paths and seizing adventure in foreign lands, the battle hardened warriors return to once again hail under the proud banner of the Northern Guard!!

Welcome, guardsmen, to world of Twisted Nether!!

Founders: Dore, Pjannzei, Lady P, mini-Ps, Gargie, Fafrd, Tarnok, Cyobian, and Tyramin!

Sethani the RR 50 Swordmaster!

Everdark, Jul 8, 09 3:44 AM.
Tonight, Sethani became NG's first Renown Rank 50!! Way to go, Seth! =)

Datrashman and Seoseo - Rank 40!!

Everdark, Jun 28, 09 10:27 PM.
Congrats to Seoseo and Datrashman on attaining Rank 40! :)

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