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Farewell, Northern Guard!!!
The greatest family I have ever known!
Thanks for all the years! Be well, and always know you guys were the best!
Evadelay out ...

All the best! Thanks for the memories!!! I love you guys! (and gals ...  )

"I am he who walks the path light has long forgotten. And unto that path I shall bring forth my own light and purify all that stands in my way."

"The fire within awakens
A dark light in the void.
A blessing or a curse
For the world yet destroyed."

-Evann "Everdark" Darklight
Northern Guard, DAoC, WAR

Best Guild Ever!

Brought to you by Evadelay: "Making the impossibly long delays... possible!"
News Archives
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(read)Pjannzei Attains RR 8: Elding Herra!
(read)Northern Guard Passes 80 Million RPs!!!
(read)Laii : Super Sonic Skaldess Sounds Six!!
(read)Congrats Mechoso on RR7: The Skittle With Bite!
(read)Herra Warwiin: Northern Guard's Elite
(read)Grats Warwiin for RR10 Healer!!!
(read)Northern Guard Mid/Nimue Reaches 60,000,000 Realm Points
(read)Grats Laii on RR5!!!
(read)Grats to Warwin, Northern Guard's first Stormur Herra!!!!
(read)Pj's Spiritmaster, Mechoso, reaches RR5
(read)Dorr hits level 10 on DDO!
(read)Congrats to Lj and Lady O on Lev 50s!!
(read)Nevinn hits RR6
(read)NG Ector tops 7,000,000 RPs
(read)Kindryck: RR 5 Ranger Extraordinaire
(read)Contratulation Cilrez on Level 50!
(read)Nevinn Makes RR5
(read)Dorr makes RR5!
(read)Congrats to Celfinna on 50!!
(read)Belated grats to Rhamm on his 2 50's!
(read)Grats to Noigel on 50!
(read)Gratz Nimue NG
(read)NG Ector's ONLY Lev 50 Enchanter: Vashan!
(read)Gratz Zerlik on Pwning your way to RR 5!!
(read)Way to Go Tenreti: RR 5 Shadow Blade!!
(read)RAWR!!!! Scatha marks 50!!
(read)Grats to Vosted our first level 50 Nightshade!!
(read)Grats to Kesicah (Bure) on 50!
(read)Grats to Diomedes for our first 50 Warden!!
(read)Grats to Krystals. LGM Alchemist!!!!
(read)Grats to the Pjannzii and Aeren on 50!
(read)Grats to Nevinn on 50!!
(read)Grats to Dore/Dorr on 50!!
(read)Krystal Shatters 50!!
(read)Congrats Zerlic on RR 6!!!
(read)Grats to Tyr on 50!
(read)Grats to Garg on 50!!
(read)Level 50, meet Mako!!
(read)Ember: NGs First and ONLY Champion Hits the Big 50!!
(read)Our Hero of the Month! Congratulations Tarnok/Yia on 50!!
(read)Cyothorn: NG's First 50 Valewalker!!
(read)Congrats on Everdark/Zakarr on 50!
(read)Congrats Vashier on 50!!
(read)Congratulations Bildurr and Meep!
(read)Joab hits 60!!!
(read)Grats Warwiin on RR6!!
(read)New Guild Banner on Ector!
(read)Belated Gratz Warwiin on RR 5!!
(read)Congrats Arnaage on RR 7!!
(read)Gratz Strahlen on RR 6!!!
(read)Elswith hits 60!!
(read)40 Million Guild Realm Points!! A New Milestone For the Guard!
(read)Congrats Praemeth on RR 5!!
(read)Gharm (aka: Ljorm) hits the 60 mark with his Hunter!
(read)I'm a bad GM... Grats to Gargie for hitting 60 with is Warlock 2 months ago!
(read)Grats to Lady O on her first 60 Hunter!
(read)Grats to K on her first 60 Warlock!
(read)Magnu and Frumba a level 60 double threat!!!
(read)NG WoW does it's first RAID!
(read)Kends claws his way to 60!
(read)Panta wifebots to 60!!
(read)Grats to Pjannzei on level 60!
(read)Congratulations Zerlic on RR5!
(read)Grats Tarn on 60!!!
(read)Congratulations to NGs 1st Elding Herra, Warwin!!!
(read)New Members!
(read)New Leaders
(read)Grats to Pjannzei Rainbow on RR6!!!!
(read)Grats to Squishy!!!!!
(read)15 Million realmpoints surpassed by Northern Guards Warmongers !!!!!!
(read)Congratulations to our newest Stormur Vakten!
(read)ML 10 Guards!
(read)Milestone !
(read)All Members Please Read
(read)Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
(read)Maylinn Eldre: Midgard's #2 Armor Crafter!
(read)Updated Nimue Pics Link
(read)Back to back 50s - Congrats Grebec!!
(read)Forit goes to 50
(read)The Brood of the Northern Guard!!
(read)Tyramin Promoted to Frontier Commander!!
(read)Things that go Boo!
(read)Cyolok, Hayhl, and Nevinn: The Deadly 50s!
(read)Vija and Cawder Do the Lev 50 Dance!! Hold/Rhamm is Promoted to GM!
(read)Felannon, the Hunter of 50 Seasons!!
(read)Shipaltum : Northern Guard's First Lev 50 Bonedancer!!
(read)Caveena, Thuron, Kagai, and Lavender Sound the Final Drums!!
(read)Rhamm & Ozalgas Celebrate 50, Rhamm & Ember Get Promoted!
(read)Iraneth's Reward! (RP)
(read)Arinlan Alektra Strikes 50!!!
(read)Midgard brings Home the Relics!!
(read)Website Problems Resolved
(read)Rebme, The Legendary Fletcher!!
(read)Phedecks and Karanda Telashonte: NG's newest LGM Alchemists!!
(read)Unity of Venner Alliance Formed!!
(read)Badenn and Rebme hit 50!! Brood of Ymer has a Web Site!
(read)2 Million Guild Realm Points!!
(read)Cyobian and Braren make 50, Lavender and Braren dominate their Tradeskills!!
(read)Congratulations Braren Red: Northern Guard's 1st LGM Weapon Crafter!!
(read)Pjannzei Rainbow makes 50 and Skaetha makes the Front page!!

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