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Mystical Lineage News!
Busy Busy Busy!!
By Kharmikhat, Jul 16, 06 10:34 AM

I have been really busy this last couple of weeks, so the News posts have taken a slight dip in frequency.  However,  ML has been busy as well, doing alot of pretty cool things!  Being the summer is here, Progression Server is up and drawing alot of interest, and people are doing the ... Read More

What We Do Best
By Kharmikhat, Jun 25, 06 10:28 PM

Another busy week for the ML crew,  and we spent it doing what we do best, getting stuff done and kickin ass and taking names.  Tuesday saw Mystical Lineage with a decent crew, so a few Epic hits were in order.  These dudes from Discord just dont know when to stop.  Gratz  t... Read More

Something New
By Kharmikhat, Jun 17, 06 8:17 PM

Ok, last update I mentioned that it was time for somethin new, as we have just been stomping mudholes in our competition on a regular basis.  ML took this past week to check out some different targets, while still revisiting some of our old friends just to keep in touch =).  Tuesday saw ML... Read More

Busy Week in Our Camp
By Kharmikhat, Jun 11, 06 2:56 AM

The crew has been busy this week, taking care of some business and helping some of our newer members get gear and flags!  First order of business was taking care of some long overdue epic mob ass stomping.  Gratz to Groack on his new Har">... Read More

Memorial Day... We Are Making Moves!
By Kharmikhat, May 31, 06 7:45 PM

Wow, its getting harder and harder to find offtime from the mass killings to update the news here!  Memorial Day was a long weekend, but ML dont sleep, so dont sleep on ML!  Saturday night saw ML making their first organzed trip to Sol Ro Tower.  No Chanters, Bards or Shammies, so no ... Read More

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