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Phish_sticks (Member) 5/4/2005 2:10 PM EST : Midnight Industries Weapon's
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Art--Many see this as a painting. As a Sculpture. Something that is created by hands.

Dedication--To give ones all for something.

Determination--The drive to attain the highest goal.

  These are how I see my weapons. These are how I create my weapons. This is what I give to you. To every one that buys a Midnight weapon. I create each and ever weapon by hand. I strive to create the best for my customers. No matter what it costs to me. My life is set. My skill's are learned. I give no less then 110% to you, my friends, my employers. Without you, I am poor.
   I am a business man. So I am willing to accept offers on older guns ((offers only)), willing to give discounted rates to anyone willing to trade resources or loot's ((Via email only)), and more then willing to do special orders ((Via email only)). But I rarely do them, but if asked, will do what I can. Please understand the duties I have, so it could take some time to get what you ask. just remember those first 3 things, and are getting nothing but the best that Midnight Industries has to offer.

  I have three vendors to choose from:

Just Southeast of the
Pirate Outpost 1980, -6612
Just Southeast of Cornet -107, -5556
Here in lovly Rielig Steppes 3164, -2908
Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

A crafter of many skill's. I will sell dirt to a desert Demon and he will pay for it with a smile.
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