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Majordomo Staghelm                      9-14-11
Baleroc the Gatekeeper                  9-28-11
Shannox                                         8-17-11
Alysrazor                                         9-21-11
Lord Rhyolith                                   9-20-11
Beth'tilac                                       10-12-11

Ragnaros                                        8-11-11
Majordomo Staghelm                      7-28-11
Baleroc the Gatekeeper                  7-19-11
Shannox                                         6-30-11
Alysrazor                                         7-27-11
Lord Rhyolith                                     7-7-11
Beth'tilac                                           7-5-11
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Dawn breaks over the battlefield
which is bathed red with the blood of our enemy....

the Horde.  the Alliance.  Noobies

*     *     *

Dawn Breaker is a top PVP guild and is fast becoming a well balanced PVE guild.

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ilovejacob, Sep 7, 12 9:28 AM.
Hi everyone!

For the people coming back for MoP, we have moved to a new website:

dont forget to sign up before you lurk ! :P


ilovejacob, Jan 18, 12 11:55 PM.

With less than 2 weeks of progression, our main raid has finally downed Heroic Yor'muthafuckin'Sahj! HFY! 

Also, derp I forgot to upload parses, here's this:

hps & dps fo ya mind.


movin' on up!

ilovejacob, Jan 8, 12 8:59 PM.

B Raid has officially killed Deathwing!
The B stands for Boss.

Star Wars won...

ilovejacob, Dec 29, 11 7:30 AM.
Tuesday was Naçht 's last raid with us because he hates WoW. (lol jk?)

But in all seriousness, we'll miss your chattiness on vent!
Cheers, friend.
And thanks for Nachting up our gbank with your riches!

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