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Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2009 7:21 AM EST : Vanguard of Valor Ranking System
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Here's the current ranking system of the Vanguard of Valor:

Archmage/Grand Marshal: The leaders of the guild. They can do everything.

Vanguard Knights: The senior officers, which include the events officers, morale officers and recruitment officers. They can invite alts, make events and polls on the forums. They will also have the ability to edit guild notes and guild MOTD. They will have access to the officer's forum and they are basically leaders when the leaders are not online.

Valorguard: Veterans. These are people who have active members for 6+ months; basically a long time. These people epitomize what it is to be a member of Vanguard of Valor.

Valorsworn: Regular members. People get promoted to the rank of a Valorsworn when they have been with us through their trial period and proved to be a good fit for the Vanguard of Valor.

Initiates: New recruits. They will subjected to a trial period of 2 - 4 weeks.

Senior Squires: Officer alts.

Squires: Member alts.

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