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Selta (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2009 9:22 AM EST : Guild Charter and Goals (READ THIS FIRST!)
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This is a living document designed to evolve and meet the needs of a growing and maturing guild. If the guidelines contained herein appeal to you, and you have taken the time to review our FAQ, then please submit an application by clicking JOIN at the top of the page. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an answer as quickly as possible.

Who We Are

  • We are a Family/Roleplaying guild. Our focus is on creating a feeling of family and belonging for our members while at the same time engaging in roleplaying to develop our characters and reputation.
  • We make the utmost effort to have regular events, including instance runs and purely RP meetings. We have officers exclusively dedicated to each of these tasks.
  • We value an ACTIVE player base and encourage the REGULAR use of our website's forums as yet another outlet for growing relationships, characters, and the history of the Vanguard.

Our Goals

  • To provide a home for similarly-minded individuals interested in a family of mature players.
  • To promote and engage in roleplaying whenever possible so as to help enrich the server environment as a whole with the eventual goal of one day being regarded as the flagship roleplaying guild of the server.
  • To have as much fun in the world of Azeroth as possible while at the same time helping others share in the fun.

Our Policies

  • We are a roleplaying guild. Our guildchat is completely IC, smilies, leetspeak and brackets have no place in there. We have an OOC channel that can be used for OOC purposes, so keep the guild chat clean of it. We do not want to see or hear of our members talking OOC in /say or /yell either, respecting the server rules is an absolute must. Each and every member represents the guild, so we want them to act accordingly.
  • Have some patience when it comes to your guildmates. We are generally very helpful, but constant begging for boosts or items is not looked well upon. Understand that each and every member have their own lives outside of the game and inside of the game might have things they prefer to do first. No temper tantrums, even if no-one responds immediately when you need something.
  • This is a guild for people over 18, who also can act their age. So if you have the need to cause constant drama, be the centre of attention at all times and can't really think of anything else than your own needs, then this guild is definitely not the right fit for you. Treat others with respect and control yourself. Real adults can always discuss things with reason. We are not all serious, there is room for inane humour and friendly teasing, but everyone knows when the fun ends.
  • You are a representative of this guild, where ever you go in Azeroth, Outlands and beyond. So act accordingly. Be polite and treat others like you would like to be treated. We do not take reports of our members being rude, ninjaing items or disturbing the RP, lightly.

The Future

We are not a hardcore raiding guild however we have begun conducting smaller raids. We wish to continue growing and exploring more raid content as a guild. We do not wish to be a hardcore raiding guild, instead we desire raids to be a fun experience with the primary goal being an atmosphere of adventure and discovery. We look on raids as being more of an accomplishment for our members rather than a race/drive for gaining epic items. We also do not want to forget the pre-TBC and TBC raids, while maybe not overly beneficial loot-wise, offer a lot of fun times with the guild. Mainly we wish to balance RP and raiding, making sure the RP events are not forgotten, while still raiding enough to please the needs of most of our members.

Quality over quantity. Our goal has never been to be a big, hulking guild. We want the best, and we want people who genuinely enjoy the company of fellow guild members and the time they spend with them. New members will be screened, vetted, and subject to a trial period. Your application will be the first contact to us, so make it good.
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