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Ekavir 10/13/2015 5:48 PM
Asmofenrir 2/26/2015 4:32 PM
Try re-adding them via Profile>Charcters> New character. We all know how back GP can be
Yoani 2/26/2015 9:05 AM
I can't get Erinai or Cecile to show up in my Guildportal characters signature, when I post on the forums. Anyone know how? :/ I had Erin on there once, then added Anedill and for some stupid reason it kicked Erin off.
Asmofenrir 2/26/2015 4:15 AM
Kargath couldn't with stand our brand of pain!! Foolish mortal.
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Welcome to the Vanguard of Valor
Darkmoon Faire (EU)

The morning mist hangs heavily over the path ahead of you.  Treading carefully over un-even ground and pushing low hanging green foliage out of your path, you come upon a clearing. Through the mist you can hear the sound of running water, you can smell freshly baked bread, but all you see before you is an old man dressed in simple linen robes seated on the dry earth. Although his eyes are closed he nods his head and speaks to you;

"Hail adventurer. I was told to watch for your arrival, though I did not expect you to make the journey from Stormwind quite so quickly. I am impressed,"

The old man opens his pale blue eyes and rises slowly to his feet. He looks you over and smiles;

"You seek the Vanguard of Valor? The mages of our order have prepared a brief treatise on our beliefs and our goals, and I ask you visit them and read it. If you can see yourself serving within our ranks for the betterment of all of Azeroth, then I urge you to submit your application to our Clerk."

The man turns and motions his hand behind him. With a swift gust of wind the mist begins to roll away, revealing a large stone keep surrounded by a broad moat. Proud banners hang from the parapets and armoured guards stand stoic on the walls.

As the drawbridge descends you turn back to speak to the old man, only to find he has vanished, leaving only the rolling mists behind you.

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