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Selta (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2009 9:31 AM EST : Important Resources
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Here are a variety of websites and information sources sure to be valuable to all players, from those just starting all the way to old veterans

World of Warcraft Europe -- The official site has a wealth of information good for starting out.  Make use of the Talent Calculators  located there to investigate and plan how you'd like to fine tune your character.

Thottbot -- Stuck on a quest and need a hint?  Want to see a full list of skills your class receives as you grow?  All this and more can be found here.

WoW Wiki -- A huge and evolving source of information for all things World of Warcraft related.  An excellent place to read about the lore of the world as it includes information detailing the entire history of the Warcraft series.

Wowace User Interface mods -- The default user interface for the game is only the beginning.  Blizzard has purposefully made it easy for programmers to create add ons to enhance or tweak the UI.  Wowmatrix is an excellent tool to keep your addons up to date!

What is Roleplaying? and A Guide to Finding Roleplay -- These are a couple of pages/posts you should take the time to read if you're new to roleplaying and would like to learn more.
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