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Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2009 7:22 AM EST : Guild FAQ
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Here you will find a steadily growing list of answers to questions you may have in regards to the guild. Hopefully you find this helpful!

Q: How do I join?
A: Please follow the instructions listed here.

Q: How long is the trial period for new members?
A: The trial period varies depending on how much time officers have to interact and watch the behavior of the initiate. Promotions are done in guild meetings, members who cannot attend can request to be promoted outside of them, if they are unable to attend the guild meeting for real life reasons.

Q: So what is this guild meeting?
A: We have a guild meeting once a month, where we promote the Initiates and possibly Valorsworn, and then discuss other important matters. The guild meeting is our only mandatory event, so if you are online at the time, we expect you to be there, no matter what. These meetings are announced plenty of time in advance, there is no excuse whatsoever for not attending when online, none.

Q: What is your policy on guilding alts?
A: Once you have a main in the guild who is a full member, then you are welcome to ask for your alts to be invited into the guild. We do not wish to limit our members in the number of characters they can play, so all of the characters are welcome to join the guild.

Q: Do you allow membership in multiple guilds?
A: We would prefer you focus on a single guild (namely ours), but we do not prohibit external membership. However, we still expect all members to be fairly active and we also expect members to take part in some guild events.  

If you wish to join another guild on a character which is in our guild, but keep your alts in the Vanguard, then we expect you to let us know beforehand, respect, decency and appreciation for the work the officers put in for you, is completely free, as is keeping us up to date about your escapades should they lead you elsewhere.

Q: What is your policy in regards to raiding?
The Vanguard raids on a 10man level, and we have no ambition whatsoever to move on to 25man raids. If you do have that ambition, then this is not the guild for you. We strongly frown upon anyone joining raiding alliances and such which take you away from your chosen guild for 3 to 4 nights a week. This is not due to our possessive nature, but due to the fact that you chose your guild because you want to feel at home there, and we wish to create a home for you. However, a home is not a hotel. We would like our ‘children’ to have dinner with us and watch a movie, not go straight to bed when they get home and have no time to converse with us on how their day went. IF you do wish to join such an alliance, it is only respectful towards the leadership that you inform them BEFOREHAND. 

Q: Why do you have an age restriction?
A: The Vanguard is, and has always been, a guild that has a few basic principles. We are a roleplaying guild, first and foremost. And we are a guild for 18+ people. Changing either of these would not only ruin the purpose this guild was created for, but also be unfair to all of our old members, many of which may have chosen us over other guilds because of this particular rule. 

We understand fully that maturity is not measured by age alone. However, it is the only way available to us, the only tool we can use to filter beforehand, and this is why we have it in place. We meet wonderful underaged people who would possibly fit in the guild, alas we must be consistent and will continue to apply this rule rigidly.

Q: How serious is the guild's RP policy?
A: We strongly encourage our members to roleplay as much as possible so as to improve the overall environment of the server. We do not want to see or get reports of our members talking OOC in /say or /yell in public areas, respecting the server rules is an absolute must. However, we also want to do everything we can to introduce roleplaying to those who are new to the experience and help make them better roleplayers, so we are not unbearably strict with the roleplay. You do not have to know all the lore, you do not need to be perfect, mistakes happen and we are here to help you learn.

Q: How does the guild handle roleplay in guild chat?
A: Guild chat is considered to be a roleplaying channel. If you wish to say something out of character, please make use of the Vanguard's OOC channel.

Example of in-character (IC) message: "Damn these Defias and their cruelty! Westfall is in shambles because of them!"

Example of out of character (OOC) message: "I've been playing this game for two months and I still forget to repair half the time!"

Please read the Guild Chat Roleplaying Policy for more information on roleplaying in guild chat. Be aware that some people love roleplay in guild chat, while others prefer to have face-to-face roleplay. We try to cater to everyone's needs but sometimes, but do realise that your need is not necessarily the same as others, and do not impose your wants on others, or expect them to be there for you when you want roleplay NOW.

Q: Is there a place for guildmembers who want pure RP?
A: The Vanguard holds many different types of events, including ones designed to be purely RP experiences where members can meet face-to-face and roleplay as much as they like. Some examples are: Beach Parties, Poetry Nights, and Woodland Walks.

Q: Does the guild enforce specific talent builds? (ie. Do all priests have to be Holy specced?)
A: No, you can build your character the way you want. Roleplay comes first. However, if you wish to take part in raiding, things like build and gear come into play more. Still, we will not tell you how to spec, a Shadow Priest is just as welcome as a Holy one.

Q: I'm new to the game and/or new to Roleplaying, is this guild right for me?
A: As long as you are friendly and willing to learn and better yourself in Roleplaying, then you are very welcome in our guild. We all had to start somewhere and a good guild is a great tool to help make the transition from beginner to veteran a fun experience. Do keep in mind, that with learning comes constructive criticism. Do take it as such, and do not see it as a way to undermine your roleplay. We only wish to help.

Q: What is your policy on inactive members?
A: As we state, we aim for an active memberbase. Initiates who are inactive in excess of 30 days without informing us in advance (i.e. vacation, job etc.) will be unguilded. We'll be a little more patient with Valorsworn and higher and allow them two months of unexplained absence. Also if you let us know beforehand, but your absence drags on to several months (5+), we'll remove you from the guild. If you return from a longer absence and find yourself unguilded, you can contact the officers and request to be let back in the guild, but only do so if you plan on being active again.

Q: Is there a class or level requirement for joining the guild as a new member?
A: No, all classes and levels are welcome as long as the player is friendly and mature!

Q: What is your policy on guild drama?
A: This is an adult guild and our members are expected to work out issues like adults. Problems that can not be worked out by the individuals should be discreetly referred to an officer. Have evidence if possible, such as screenshots. It makes the life for the officers and/or leaders much easier. Open conflict on a guild channel is not acceptable - we cannot emphasize this enough. We want to have a friendly environment for everyone. Purposely trying to cause guild drama is not looked well upon.

Q: Someone is asking me about joining the guild, what should I do?
A: Try to take the time to answer any questions they might have. If they seem like they might be suitable then you are welcome to direct them to the guild website so they can learn more and fill out an application. If the applicant cites you as a reference, please expect to be asked about them.

Q: What is the guild's attitude about PvP?
A: If you enjoy PvP then you are more than welcome to engage in it. However, seeing as we're a guild that roleplays as an honorable group of heroes, please refrain from the mass slaughter of low-level opponents even if they are flagged. Of course, if they dare attack you, go ahead and teach them a lesson.

Q: What is the guild's policy on gold buying?
A: Buying gold with real currency is strictly forbidden by Blizzard. The Vanguard of Valor does not approve of gold buying. We prefer our members earn their living like everyone else!

Q: What is your policy on l33t-/dudespeak?
A: As stated in the charter, we do not want l33tspeak in our guild chat. If it is absolutely imperative for you to use it, look for another guild.

Q: What is the guild's policy on voice chat?
A: Because Darkmoon Faire is a roleplaying server and this is a roleplaying guild, we understand that many regard voice chat as something which can break the immersion of the game. However, we will leave it up to party members to decide amongst themselves if they want to use voice chat - though we do not want members to pressure other members to make use of it. If you wish to talk and listen, that is fine. If you with to listen and type, that is also fine. If you wish to have voice chat completely disabled, you can also do so (just be sure to mention before beginning an instance run so your party understands you can't hear them if they are talking.) The only circumstances under which the Vanguard requires members have voice chat active is during raids when raid members are required to listen to the raid leader's instructions and directions. We have a professionally hosted Ventrilo server available to our members.

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Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 3/7/2010 10:22 AM EST : RE: Guild FAQ
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We have slightly updated the FAQ, so it'd be great if everyone took a moment to read through it.
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