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What should happen to the guild's OOC channels? 12/10/2015 7:00 PM
Which of these closestly represents the value of in game currency? Winner: "1G = 100 NE currency" 4 weeks, 156 days ago
The best day for you for the Auction? Winner: "Tuesday" 4 weeks, 256 days ago
A very Vanguard reunion in irl server! First step is: where? The answer is simpleish: we need a capital city, somewhere easily reached by plane. For now I came up with London or Amsterdam, but you can contribute by adding your very own. VOTE Winner: "Amsterdam!" 4 weeks, 304 days ago
Should we create a facebook group for the VoV? Winner: "No" 4 weeks, 428 days ago
Where do you want to go on next raid? Winner: "THE NEW ONE LET'S BE CURRENT AND DO THE THUNDER KING THING! " 4 weeks, 931 days ago
Extend or not extend? Winner: "EXTEND LAST BOSS EXTEND! " 4 weeks, 992 days ago
Which heroic boss would you like to kill next? Winner: "Ultra-mothafuckin'-xion" 4 weeks, 1246 days ago
Sooo, Blackwing Descent, extend or start anew? Winner: "OH HAI LOL CAN'T RAID JUST CHECKING OUT POLL" 4 weeks, 1584 days ago
When would you like to meet in Belgium or Holland? EVERYONE can come! Not just people who happen to live in Belgium/Holland! Winner: "First half of August" 4 weeks, 1646 days ago
Are you interested in ICC mount runs? Winner: "Yes! Bring them on!" 4 weeks, 1716 days ago
Would you like to participate in Rated Battlegrounds? Winner: "Hells yeah POINT AND I KILL" 4 weeks, 1759 days ago
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