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Woodbine (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2007 11:18 AM EST : No Come-Uppance: A Brief History of The Smalls
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No Come-Uppance: A Brief History of The Smalls

Sorkell Smalls was a great chieftain and thane. Under his rule (and like that of his predecessors) the Smalls were of great import, holding many esteemed positions in the reign of the Bronzebeard Kings.

Sorkell had taken a Garok as his wife. She died in childbirth as did the unborn heir.

Sorkell remarried a dwarf woman from the Redridge Mountains, Smallina, declining an offer from the Thane of the Garoks to marry a younger sister of his deceased wife.

The Thane of the Garoks feigned insult at Sorkell’s refusal, but was truly angered at the loss of his political contacts in Iron Forge.

Meanwhile, Smallina bore Sorkell five sons.

Sorkell was killed in a large battle against the Dark Iron Dwarves, and his brother, Woodbine, assumed the chieftaincy.

In recognition to Sorkell’s bravery and service, King Magni Bronzebeard appointed Smallina as royal tutor and guardian of his only daughter, Princess Moira.

Princess Moira was kidnapped by Dark Iron Dwarves. Thane Garok, through lies, half truths, and false witness implicated Smallina as a conspirator in the plot.

King Magni, mad with grief, imprisoned Smallina at a secret location and removed any Smalls kin from positions of power within his kingdom.

The Smalls suffered under an unjust label of treason. Many of the clan left the kingdom or went into hiding rather than bear the falsehood or repercussions of such a stigma.

Woodbine, no longer a Thane, but still chieftain of the Smalls, charged his nephews, the sons of Sorkell Smalls, to discern all behind what had happened and free their mother.

It was then that the clan rallying cry and motto became “No Come-Uppance”. Our motto has come to mean many things. It is foremost in defiance of the unjust decree that had deposed us, though it has also become, even larger, a way to spit in the cruel eye of fate.

“No Come-Uppance” also serves a reminder to ourselves not to initiate any action that would cause ill consequence. Further, it has also come to be a humorous way of wishing luck upon ourselves or another – that meaning “May you manage to avoid the ill consequence you probably deserve and brought upon yourself anyway”.

The sons of Sorkell, more commonly known as “The Smalls Brothers”, had many adventures in pursuit of their mission and were documented by the eldest brother, Woodwylde in “The Smalls Report”.

The Smalls Report was an attempt to report back to Woodbine on the brother’s progress, but made their way into inns and taverns, where they were read by many. An intrepid goblin merchant translated the texts and made them available to the horde.

Their cause gained popular support on both sides of the conflict.

After months of adventuring and having gained much combat and tactical experience, the Smalls Brothers decided on a gambit to free the kidnapped princess.

The princess exposed and confirmed the treachery of Thane Garok and the foolishness of King Bronzebeard.

Bronzebeard, ashamed of his blunder, revealed the holding place of Smallina as Dun Garok, but would not assist in the release of Smallina as he did not wish to spark wider clan warfare within his kingdom.

The Smalls Brothers, called upon their horde friends to raid Dun Garok, and their mother was released.

With the unjust dishonor lifted, and the taint of treason removed from the Smalls Clan, Woodbine resumed his position as Thane.

Woodbine has set about rebuilding the Smalls Clan, recalling all those who have gone into hiding or wandered away and has decreed that our clan mission is to quell the dread power that was released by Thaurissan during the Dwarven "War of Three Hammers".

The Smalls are to face and vanquish Ragnaros, so that all may recognize our return to power.

Characters: Woodbine Cantankerous Danegrim Rotharcog Woodwylde

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