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Woodbine (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2007 1:58 PM EST : Disposition Towards the Horde (PvP Policy)
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Disposition Towards the Horde
(PvP Policy)

1) We generally avoid armed conflict seeking diplomatic solutions first.

2) We are content to let peaceful horde tend to their business so long as they mind their manners.

3) We wave at horde in attempt to establish détente. If they do not return a friendly gesture, we will consider them hostile or terribly rude and engage in combat at our discretion.

4) Battlegrounds and fighting in organized raiding parties are exempt from this policy, as it is sometimes necessary to make war.

5) We aid fellow alliance in the face of hostility and answer distress calls as conditions warrant.

6) Should a Smalls call for help in need of relief from greifing or corpse camping, all non-instanced Clan will come to their aid as warrants.

7) We hunt down those that have wronged us and unleash our wrath as we see fit, however long it may take, especially those that would feign being our friends and then turn on us.

8) Understand that though we follow our own code of honor, the enemy at times does not. We bear such incidents with grit and the resolve for later vengeance.

9) We do not alert the enemy to our impending wrath, vendetta or grudge against them and do not post in the Forums to complain about an altercation. However, if you wish to document the incident as a crafted and report-like story, you may absolutely do so.

10) We do not maintain an official KOS list, though some guilds and individuals certainly are Kill on Sight. The basic rule of thumb is if you can remeber an incident with a given horde or guild, feel free to initiate hostilities.

11) We avoid corpse camping, though at times it may be necessary for strategic purposes. Try not to kill the same person more than three times unless they press the issue.

12) We refrain from /spitting, saving such disdain for only the worst griefers of the game.

13) Bots are to be destroyed without mercy. You are encouraged to report the position of Alliance bots to the Horde for destruction as well.

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