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Welcome to the fallen from grace website..

We are an Everquest family guild on the Prexus server..

We are a goodly alligned guild that will accept anyone of any race if they are true of heart.. All races are here for a purpose and we do not discriminate by a factor of birth..

If you would like some more information about us, please take some time to browse through our website and take a brief glimpse into our world..

Unfortunately a lot of the content here is for members only; but fear not, we are always looking for new friends and family.

Respect :: Warmth :: Experience :: Excellence :: Humility :: Enjoyment.

Fallen from Grace

Solura's Art continues to soar - One fallen from Grace
Guild News

Something Different

537024267_Inactive, Apr 18, 06 8:18 PM.
Crescendo has started doing some smaller epic fights on Tuesday nights... Tonight we were 5 for 5 with myself joining for the last mob, but playing a CLERIC this time instead of a WIZARD...

Taskmaster Mirot was the final target... one that has given us grief in the past, but this time we showed up with 18 people... 3 groups... instead of our normal force... So the cleric bought it 3 times... the raid force stayed focused and dropped Mirot and then his minions, just to prove that we could get them all...

Great work tonight, folks... it was a well led raid with a good focused group. Congrats on all the successes... I foresee this small force being able to accomplish much.

Time - Tier 5

537024267_Inactive, Apr 2, 06 4:56 PM.
After starting an hour early, we showed that once again we could venture through Tiers 1, 2 and 3 easily, earning an additional 9 keys for members of both TSM and FFG.

When we got to Tier 4, we mowed through all 4 bosses without any problems and found ourselves fairly late in the evening, but decided to take a smaller force into Tier 5... After a flawless fight against Bert, we decided that Cazick Thule needed to be dropped as well... Of course, by that time most of the raid force was dropping at their keyboards... but all in all a very VERY successful venture into Time...

Congrats to all the loot and key winners... and to the leaders for pushing us through to Tier 5.

Back to Omens of War

537024267_Inactive, Mar 26, 06 3:59 PM.
Taking a break from Time and other areas that require specific levels, FFG and TSM ventured over to Wall of Slaughter and RCOD...

Wall of Slaughter saw our old friend Velitorkin drop a glowing for us this time. We followed that with the crystal event and then moved to try Hulcror for the first time... All were ready to give it their best shot and when their best shot was done, Hulcror dropped 2 glowing runes for our effort, along with more loot.

The venture to RCOD found several leaving, so we elected to take down Tiorpat instead of the planned mob.

It was a nice change that all could attend... and we were successful in all 4 battles.

Congrats to all that won items and runes. And congrats on our first attempt and victory over Hulcror.

Time Cracked

537024267_Inactive, Mar 5, 06 5:56 PM.
Today saw a raid force of about 60 headed into Time... Under stringent rules of engagement (thanks to SOE), we managed to break through Tier 1 into Tier 2 with ease... Tier 2 saw one group struggle, but they downed the named and moved forward... Tier 3 saw more drops and 9 alternate access keys fall. Congrats to all those that obtained access to Time this trip...  5 TSM and 4 FFG...

Of course, killing all the mobs in Tier 3 made us look at the portal, and regardless of how late the hour, we pushed into Tier 4... and as many were dropping at their keyboards, we saw Terris Thule drop, thus letting us know that we CAN farm Time for both guilds now...

Congrats to all that made it... and to those that are now flagged... We will continue to raid folks in for more alternate access flags and more drops...

Earth B is ours... and the key to Time has arrived

537024267_Inactive, Feb 20, 06 12:19 AM.
Last week saw us run into a bit of trouble taking on the Rathe Council of 12. We had decent strats and a good raid force, but had a couple things that didn't fall our way.

This week saw folks crawling out of the woodwork to see what we faced last week to try and understand what could possibly give us trouble... A raid force of 72 with 25 to 30 in the wings watching... To say it went off like clockwork is being very non-chalant about it all...

We ran into a small problem with the hailing... you couldn't get the credit unless you were on top of the mob, in front or a part of him... if you were behind or underneath, it just didn't work. Towards the end, there were people logging in for the flag only to see the mob depop in front of us.

I don't think we got 72 keys to Time, but Cadara was sitting patiently in front of the Plane of Innovation while a number of us DID assemble our key and upon hailing the chronographer, saw the site you see on the front page top... The clock before the passage to Time...

The hard work that TSM put into getting us prepared, and the hard work that FFG put into taking on the task has paid off in that a number are flagged for Time... This is an initial goal... the remaining goal is to get all the mains INTO Time... and get them alternate access at the least... There will probably be another pass across the various elemental planes to try and get folk the normal way in... also FFG will continue to hold some Friday night back-flagging raids... but we are very close to the goal of getting the GUILD into Time...

For all those that appeared to get the flag and key, I say congrats and ask that you continue to help the guild get members into these areas so they too can see what we have seen and get their own chance at the proper key to Time... For those that missed the various keys/flags for whatever reason... please have patience with us, because you ARE going to get access... May take longer than we anticipated, but you WILL GET A SHOT AT TIME...

This is a HUGE step for the guild and our allies... Congrats to all and many thanks for your support.
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