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Prakkz (SuperAdmin) 4/28/2009 12:49 PM EST : Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

We're hoping that the individuals that choose to join the Knights of Reverence possess a certain level of maturity that will contribute to a fun atmosphere for everyone. Most of this is common sense, but we're putting it in writing so there will be no questions as to what is expected. If in doubt, remember one rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.

I. General Attitude

The Knights of Reverence Code of Conduct is the glue that keeps this guild together. It is a common set of standards that we should all agree upon. These standards both portray a positive guild and give us all something in common. If, for any reason, you do not agree with this code of conduct or wish to stray from it, we suggest you find another guild to join.

Though these are not hard and fast rules, frequently straying from the code will result in expulsion from the guild. We feel it is necessary to portray a solid front.

This is necessary because every member of the Knights of Reverence represents every other member of the Knights of Reverence. Whether we like it or not, it is only human nature for us to associate certain attitudes not only with the individual, but with the guild tag that they are associated with.

We expect members of Knights of Reverence to be polite, gracious and considerate individuals, generally speaking. We believe that even the most unintelligent troll can offer simple thanks when it is called for. We also believe that playing an evil character does not give one license to treat other people rudely or to violate the Play Nice Policy.

There are far too many people in Norrath who are inconsiderate, belligerent or just plain rude. As a member of the Knights of Reverence you have proven to be one of the few who is not, and we expect you to act that way. Remember that through steadfast example, we can teach others the same lesson.

--No Dewdspeak--
If you aren't familiar with what 'Dewdspeak' is, it is the use of the letter 'u' instead of 'you', 'r' instead of 'are', '2' instead of 'two' and the purposeful misspelling of certain words. This form of communication is it's own sort of internet 'subculture' and can be seen almost everywhere.

As this is a soft role play guild, we find Dewdspeak to be completely inappropriate in any form of communication. Please, if you must use this form of communication, do not join our guild. It is difficult to understand at best, and does not accurately portray our guild as a soft role play guild.

--No Public Humiliation--
It shouldn't have to be said, but sometime in the heat of anger and frustration our emotions get the best of us. Regardless, it is never appropriate to talk poorly about a guild member over any public channel may that be ooc, guildsay, auction, groupsay on the bulletin board or whatever. If you have a problem with a member, please either deal with it privately, or bring it to your officers.

Regardless of whether or not your character is evil or just plain misunderstood, we can all act civilized. In short, this means to treat everyone else the same way that you'd want to be treated.

II. Buying and Selling

-- Within the Guild --

Please remember that your guild is not a captive audience to hock your wares to. Items that you loot are yours to do with as you please, but if you choose to give them to another guild member in need, we ask that you be reasonable in doing so. Most of us just give extra items to guild characters who need them, or donate them to the guild vault so that others may benefit. Remember, if you give, you will also receive. When it comes to trade skills, however, those can get rather expensive, so if you're making armor or jewelry for a guild member, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for the cost of materials when doing so.

-- Outside the Guild --

Set your prices fairly. Don't gouge someone just because they don't know the worth of the item you're selling. Be kind, fair, courteous and friendly. Particularly if you are selling wares created through a trade, you'll find that you have return customers much more often.

III. Grouping

Grouping is the act of joining others to reach a common goal such as killing specific mobs, gaining experience, performing a quest and so on and so forth. At some time in every character's life (even the most soloable classes) it becomes necessary to group. When grouping you represent the guild the most.

There are good groups and there are bad groups, but we ask that no matter how difficult the situation you uphold your guild's conducts of fairness and politeness to the utmost regards.

There are times when a group may not be effective, or you feel in danger. Occasionally, you will run into a group full of people who aren't willing to watch each other's back but are solely focused on themselves. If you find this to be the case, politely extract yourself from the group, giving your apologies to the group leader and find something else to do. As much as you'd like to give them a piece of your mind, it's really not worth it in the long run in most cases.

IV. Role-Playing

The Knights of Reverence encourages the act of role-playing. Does that mean you have to be 'in character' 100% of the time? No. Soft role-play means that you role-play when it is appropriate and you do the things that your character would do. How do you know?

An example might be to take a look at the god your character follows. This might be an indication of what type of role-play strategy you have in mind for your characters. For instance, a Druid of Tunare probably isn't going to run around screaming that they worship Innoruuk.  We ask that if people around you are roleplaying, please be courteous and do not do anything out of character. 

A common practice if you need to talk out of charactor is to place brackets around your text.  For example:

((Sorry all, I got a phone call to take and need to go afk for a little bit. AF on <insert friend's name here>))

Keep in mind though there are some creative ways to say the same thing in character:

"My apologies, I have something to take care of in the outer-realm and will return as soon as possible.  I will follow <insert friend's name here> until I return from my meditation."

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