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Prakkz (SuperAdmin) 4/28/2009 1:24 PM EST : Becoming a Knight
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So you are interested in becoming a Knight and want to know how to make it all happen? We believe that those interested in joining should take the first step and do some research about us. Make sure this is the right guild for you.

Below are some information sections we ask you to read before moving to the next step:

Guild Charter
Code of Conduct

Must be at least 18 years of age, unless you are a child of a current full guild member.  If you are a child of a full guild member you must remain under direct supervision at all times.  Voice chat for children will be restricted until parent and leadership agree child is mature enough.

Outline of steps required to become a member: 

1. Once you have read and agree with our Guild Charter  and Code of Conduct  and have posted an introduction on our boards, it's time to speak with a Mentor of the guild. This is the time for you to ask any questions that may not have been apparent in the above reading material. Also, this is the time for our mentors to ask you some questions about yourself, to determine if both you and the mentor of the guild agree that KoR might be the home for you.

2. Knight applicants are required to fill out an application to join our guild's website then post a brief introduction in our public guild forums. Take a few moments to stop by and introduce yourself in a new thread. The subject title should be your character name - Introduction (for example: {Your name} - Introduction). Tell us a bit about yourself and also how you found your way to us, whether you know a guildmate, talked to someone about the guild, etc.  

3. Once step 1 and 2 are completed, you will then be invited to the Knights of Reverence as a Petitioner. Your next job is getting to know your fellow Knights! You need to obtain at least 3 sponsors including your Mentor in order to be promoted to Knight.  Here at KoR we value many things. Tradition, Honor, Humility, to name a few. All of these qualities are inherent in each and every Knight you'll have the pleasure of meeting. Such is our pride in this that we strive to insure future Knights hold themselves up to those same standards of character. You will be appointed a Mentor of KoR. He, or she, will be your main source of information for the Knights of Reverence and anything related. He or She will be there to guide you through KoR for your first 2 weeks as a petitioner, at which time your Mentor will then help you decide if KoR is the right guild for you. Also, as a petitioner you will not have access to the guild bank, but if you see anything you'd like, please ask and we would be happy to make arrangements for you to get it.

4. Once the required 3 Sponsors, including your mentor, have been obtained and at least 2 weeks as a Petitioner have passed, you will then be interviewed by an Officer of the guild.  If at that time you and the Officer agree that the guild is the right guild for you then you will be promoted to a full member (Knight).   Our preference, when the situation permits, is to bring as many guild witnesses as we can to our guild hall for a quick ceremony. We would like to honor our new member by having them take part in this ceremony prior to induction. If the situation does not permit this type of invite, then alternate arrangements may be made at the discretion of the person performing the promotion.

That's it!  Welcome to the guild!

Version 1.0- Intitial release with version control.
Version 2.0 - Changed to adapt to Sponsorship/Mentor addition. (Ketilron Sil'Alra 04/21/2008)
Version 2.1- Removed 5 sponsor requirement, changed to two week review.
Version 2.2- Added Sponsor requirement back.  Added missing wording for final interview.
Version 2.3-  Added age restriction information.
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