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Welcome to Legendary Bloodlines!

The goal of Legendary Bloodlines is to gather together our former guildmates, as well as our real-life friends and family, to enjoy a more casual and relaxed style of gameplay.  

Friendship, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Truth and Honor are all qualities we value and expect from our members. 

Please see Membership for more information about our guild.

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Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Arathel, Feb 12, 11 1:34 PM.

Fippy Darkpaw Progression Server

opened Tuesday, February 15, 2011!

Legendary Bloodlines lives on Fippy Darkpaw!

Come join us on the new Time-Locked Progression Server.

Family and Friends Reunion!

Arathel, Nov 29, 06 7:36 AM.


Information on how to get in touch with former members of

Celestial Bloodlines - Stormhammer/Legends Server
Mortis Gladius- Xev Server
Legendary Bloodlines - Maelin Starpyre Server

If you were a friend or member of either of these guilds or are in touch with former members please let us know.  We have a forum set up called CB/MG/LB Reunion.

We would like to see who is still playing EQ, who has moved on to other games or retired from gaming, and who may be interested in playing a new game together  from the beginning.

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- Robert A. Heinlein
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