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Key to Emperor Ssraeshza's Chamber

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Key to Veeshan's Peak

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Key to Kerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)

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Key to Vex Thal

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Key to Howling Stones (Charasis)

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Key to Old Sebilis
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Flirt Withbusti
Maelin Starpyre, EverQuest
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My story’s a simple one, not too exciting.  I am the first child of 12 born to Bigguy and Nycerak Pheelgud, owners of the Pheelgud Inn in Southern Kaladim.  At 20 I was running around the tavern kicking kneecaps and running away giggling.  When I was around 100 I was working for my parents helping to wipe tables and serve food to the patrons there.  I would hear stories from the fighters young and old who came in of glorious battles and far off exotic places.  I also worked on my skills as an outrageous flirt.  I told my parent then that I had heard my calling and I wanted to be a mighty Paladin, a Holy Defender of Brell, for the glory of Kaladim and dwarves everywhere. 


            My parents agreed and sent me to study with Brenthalion Aleslammer (My education was free as my father knew something about how he got his last name, but I never got the full details).  I was schooled in the art of 1 hand and 2 hand weapons of all sorts and some minor magic, although my instructors told me to rely on my might and wit more than magic.  My teachers also tried to curb my natural ability for flirting and bawdiness, but finally gave me up as a lost cause in that area. 

            I learned the 3 testaments of the Holy Defenders of Brell:

            1 – Protect all those around you

            2 – All goblins die – you will be rewarded

            3 – Undead should be all dead


            When I was 200 my trainers told me it was time to put my skills to the test and go out into the world to as a Holy Defender of Brell.  I was finally to journey to the far off lands I had heard so much about and enlighten others to the undoubtable amazingness of Brell.


            I ventured into the unknown to make a name for myself.  I saw caves and tunnels surely leading to hell itself and amazing views worthy of utmost awe.  In my travels I chanced to meet many noble and good fellow adventurers and soon joined with them to further their glory along with my own.  The fact that there were many fine strong handsome men in this group made in no hardship at all.


            Now I return frequently in between adventures to sit in my parents Tavern and regale others with stories of glorious battles and far off exotic places and flirt with handsome fellows while my nieces come up and kick me in the kneecaps and run away giggling.


Character Flags & Keys
No flags have been entered for this character.

Character Stats
Class: Paladin Level: 56
Race: Dwarf

Awarded Medals: None

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Public Journal Entries
11/4/2003 11:09 PM

Character Skills
Abjuration 151
Alteration 205
Archery 47
Barbarian 100
Channeling 200
Dark Elvish 100
Dark Speech 100
Defense 190
Dodge 125
Double Attack 200
Dragon 100
Dwarvish 100
Elder Dragon 100
Elder Elvish 100
Elder Teir`dal 100
Elvish 100
Erudin 100
Evocation 176
Faerie 100
Froglok 100
Gnoll 100
Gnomish 100
Lizardman 100
Offense 200
Orcish 100
Parry 175
Riposte 175
Swimming 87
Taunt 180
Troll 100
Two Handed Slash 200
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