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Warriors of Justice. (WoJ) - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
The time has come for WoJ and the alliance to take down imperial and Sith progression along with all other factions or guilds who oppress the freedoms of each star system across the galaxy. The Wrath of Justice is upon them.


Warriors of Justice. (WoJ) - Star Wars Galaxies
WoJ guild is one of the rebel alliance's strongest assets in the galaxy of Flurry, and have been on the front lines fighting the imperial advancement from launch until the final days of flurry. 


Game Update 6

syniper, Feb 7, 09 11:59 AM.

Star Wars
Galaxies: Game Update 6
Publish Notes, January 12, 2008

Appearance Window:

  • The Appearance tab has been added. All characters may now access a window that determines the outward appearance of their characters. This Appearance window allows you to equip armor, clothing, and jewelry that do not alter your stats, but instead are simply for show.
  • Select "Appearance" in the game menu or use the command /appearancetab to open the Appearance window.
  • To wear an item as an appearance item, you must be able to normally equip that item and that item must be in your inventory at the time you equip it as an appearance item.
  • Items equipped as appearance items do not count against your total inventory space.
  • All profession, level, and species restrictions are still obeyed by appearance items.
  • A radial option "Equip Appearance" has been added to items that are eligible to become appearance items. You will only get this option if you could normally equip the item and if the item is currently in your inventory.
  • Added an option under the "Misc" page in the Options window. This option called "Unequip Items When Double Clicked in the Appearance Window" allows you to turn on/off the ability to unequip items in the Appearance window simply by double clicking on them.
  • A "Hide Appearance Items by Default" option has been added to the Misc section of the Options window. This option will automatically show you the normal appearance on any player creature you examine. The "Hide Appearance Items" option can also be toggled on the Examine window; it will just default to hiding those items.
  • The Examine window now has a checkbox to show/hide a user's appearance items. This will allow you to see the "true" items a character is wearing.
  • Users can equip/unequip items via the Appearance window's "paper doll" by checking the "Show Equipped Items" checkbox. While that checkbox is checked, any items you drag and drop between your inventory and the appearance window will equip/unequip those items.
  • Please be aware there is an issue with the Appearance window and the Shatterpoint Cloak and Cloak of Hate. Using the Hood Up/Down option can cause your Appearance window paper doll to be out of sync with the server. This is simply a superficial bug with the paper doll and Hood Up/Down and causes no damage to your cloak or characters. It can fixed by logging out and back in with your character.

Game Update 5

Keedan, Jul 29, 08 10:43 AM.

Publish Notes, July 29, 2008

Star Wars Galaxies: Game Update 5


  • Integrated voice chat, in-game web browser, beast master and munitions trader updates, Create a Painting contest winners, and the 60 month veteran reward.

Integrated Voice Chat:

  • With the release of Game Update 5, fully integrated voice chat can now be found in Star Wars Galaxies. Voice chat can now be used to chat with your guild and groups at no additional cost.

  • The integration of the in-game voice chat brings several brand new UI elements: the Voice Bar, the Voice Users Window, and a new voice tab in the Options window.
  • After a user joins a group or a guild, they are automatically given access to the associated channel and it will appear in the Voice Bar Channel Selection List. When they leave the group or guild, the channel is removed from their list and they will be disconnected if they were in the channel at the time.
  • Users can also invite other players to their own private chat channels using the radial menu or /voice invite command.

In-Game Web Browser:

  • An in-game web browser has been added. Use the command /browser to open the web browser within in the game.
  • Clicking 'Help' in the game menu uses the web browser to send you to the customer service web site.
  • /browser also takes in an optional URL parameter. i.e. /browser
  • /url sends your currently OPENED browser to the specified URL. i.e. /url

60 Month Veteran Reward:

  • Players who have played Star Wars Galaxies for 60 months can choose a hover chair as their 60 month veteran reward. The hover chair is a one-person vehicle that gets its owner around in style! The vehicle cannot be used inside structures.

New In-Game Paintings:

  • Congratulations to Zel of Bloodfin and Guillemette of Bria, the winners of the Create a Painting contest! Visit Navari Trik outside of the Mos Eisley cantina to claim the two winning paintings.
  • These paintings are tradeable but each character can only receive one Rebel and one Imperial painting.
  • Characters must be at least 15 days old to claim the paintings.
  • These paintings are only available during Game Update 5, so log in and talk to Navari today!

Game Play:

  • Nightsister Energy Lance schematics and Nightsister Vibro Units are once again dropping from creatures in the galaxy.
  • Weapon augmentation and weapon enhancement components are dropping from creatures in the galaxy.
  • Looted weapon drop rates have been reduced.
  • All looted weapon draft schematics should convert to granting the player a cored version of the weapon schematic upon logging in to Game Update 5.
  • Looted non-schematic weapons have had their damage ranges decreased slightly.
  • Weapons that existed prior to Game Update 5 have not been changed or converted, but many looted weapons can be dismantled into tradable draft schematics that can be used in the new crafting system.
    • Most non-lightsaber, non-cored, and non-profession granted weapons can now be converted into a limited use schematic so they can be used in the new system.
    • Use the radial menu on the weapon in the inventory and select Deconstruct. You must confirm your decision to dismantle your weapon. The schematics are tradeable and can be given to a Munitions Trader to create a new, cored weapon.
    • Bio-linked weapons can only be deconstructed if you are the one it is bio-linked to.
  • Most temporary items will now display how long before they get destroyed when you examine them.
  • Unpacked structures will now fit to the terrain the same way as when created from a deed.
  • Using the food Kommerken Steak will now give the player advantages to finding a Treasure Map while foraging.

User Interface:

  • When you examine an item that contains Stat modifiers (luck, precision, stamina, strength, constitution, and agility), those stats now appear in their own block labeled Stat Mods.
  • The Network Status window is now lockable.
  • The Character tab now displays the correct birth date of the character.
  • The Birth Planet field has been removed from the Character tab.
  • SWG now recognizes up to 8 mouse buttons for keybindings.
  • OK and Cancel buttons should position themselves properly when the window is resized.
  • Buttons in the Control tab of the Options window should behave properly when the window is resized.
  • Fixed tooltips for Keymap and Reset Defaults buttons in the Control tab of the Options window.
  • Added missing tooltips for Reset Defaults buttons in Terrain and Keymap tabs of the options window.

Beast Master:

  • Mutation chances have been slightly increased.
  • A collection that grants a beast dye kit has been added.

  • Titles for Beast Mastery expertise have been added.
    • For the first point of expertise: "Beast Handler"
    • For Harmonious Understanding 3: "Beast Master"
    • For Incubation Processing Time 3: "Merase Master"
    • For DNA Harvesting 3: "Chief Geneticist"
  • Eggs now use their type name to identify them in inventory.
  • The ability to stuff a beast has been added.

  • The countdown timer for reviving a pet is no longer interrupted by movement.
  • Beasts may now be stored after combat without having to wait.
  • Beasts may now be called in combat.
  • Beast food can now be double-clicked to feed a pet.
  • The happiness expertise Beast Empathy now correctly affects beast happiness.
  • The happiness maximum has been increased to 50 instead of 25. This gives a 50% bonus to experience gain when happiness is maxed instead of 25%.
  • The loyalty gain/loss bonus from pet happiness has been increased from 25% to 50%.
  • It is no longer possible to lose beast happiness due to combat.
  • Beast movement speed has been increased and added a modifier to not lower their speed on slopes.
  • Added incubation time reduction modifier (minute based) for reverse engineering.
  • Chubas were considered wolves and are now frogs. All old commands they learned stay on them until they are removed. Frog commands can now be trained on them.
  • Condor Dragons were considered giraffes and are now griffins. All old commands they learned stay on them until they are removed. Griffin commands can now be trained on them.
  • Added the new command group "Kick" for horses and camels. The kick command does considerable damage and has a one second stun associated with it.
  • Added a new line of attacks called "Spit". Frogs and camel type beasts may train this ability.
  • Frog type beasts now can train the "Bite" line of attacks.
  • Beast incubator gauges now behave properly.
  • Isomerase and Lyase enzymes now have their color as a prefix to their name for easier sorting in the Bazaar.
  • Enzymes have been split up into three different game object types for faster searching on a Bazaar terminal.
  • Exotic attachments that give beast experience bonuses now modify the result of happiness and supplements, in addition to the base experience bonus.
  • Beast experience bonuses from exotic attachments now show up in the character's skill mods summary page.
  • Bolster Armor now displays its added value to the beast's armor in its examine window.

Munitions Traders:

  • The process to craft all weapons has been updated.
    • Cores, similar to cores used when armorsmithing, are new crafted subcomponents used to select the level of the weapon the trader is crafting.
    • Core levels range from level 18-90, depending on the core type, and the level determines the weapon stats.
    • Core levels are determined in the first experimentation session. Selecting the level cannot be undone, so choose carefully!
    • Elemental damage type is determined at the core level. Munitions Traders can craft the elemental type into the core to place it into weapons that don't have an element type defined.
    • All new crafted weapons are now bio-linked.

  • Several new sub-components have been added and existing sub-components can be used in crafting the cores and weapons.
  • Looted melee and ranged enhancements have been added as option components to weapon cores. These give bonuses to crit chance.
  • Looted melee and ranged augmentations have been added as optional components to weapon cores. These augmentations give bonuses to attributes.
  • All permanently learned looted drafted schematics auto-update themselves to new versions with cores upon logging in the first time in Game Update 5.
  • NPCs who grant schematics as rewards now grant the cored version of the weapon schematics.
  • Chest Plates can now have stat modifiers crafted into them.
  • 100 points of weapon experimentation are now granted at skill box Munition Fundamentals VI.
  • 100 points of weapon assembly are now granted at skill box Munition Fundamentals VI.
  • Removed all experimentation/assembly skills granted after box Munition Fundamentals VI.
  • Added new armor schematics for Marauder Assault Armor and Marauder Recon Armor. Seek out a Marauder named Macchbraus in the wilds of Endor to learn more about these schematics.

  • Removed all craftable grenade schematics.
  • Slightly decreased the minimum and maximum damage of the Guardian Lightning Cannon.
  • Increased factory crate size on weapon components.
  • Altered all sub 64m Rifles max range to 64.
  • Altered all sub 35m Pistols to be at least 35m.
  • Altered all sub 45m Carbines to be at least 45m.
  • Added Acid Stream Launcher to the profession wheel.
  • Added loot components to the following draft schematics:
    • Geo Sword Core
      • Scythe Blade
      • Black Sun Executioner's Hack
      • Wookiee Toothpick 
    • Geo Cube
      • Geo Reinforcement Core
      • Kaminoan Great Staff
    • Nak'tra Crystal
      • Nak'tra Crystal Rifle

Engineering Traders:

  • Removed all portions of player weapon crafting from Engineer Traders.
  • A new decorative knife schematic has been added.
  • Altered badges granted at Master to reflect Master Merchant and Master Droid Engineer.


  • When you are in a room containing a crafting station, an icon showing that station displays in the buff list. This is used to help determine what station to use with what tool.
  • An icon displays for each station in the same area as you.
  • The icon clears when you leave the crafting station area.
  • The icon clears when you pick up or remove all of that station type from the area.
  • Bio-linked items can now be reverse engineered.


  • /groupWaypoint is now on a 1 second cooldown.

Bounty Hunter and Commando:

  • Armor Break has been improved to remove 6% armor against players and 600 armor against NPC's per debuff in a stack.

Bounty Hunter:

  • The cooldown on Ambush has been lowered to 6 seconds.


  • All heavy weapons types will now properly execute a passive Damage over Time application.
  • Heavy weapon damage modifiers will now correctly apply to ground targeting and directional heavy weapons.  


  • Reduced the price of most storyteller tokens.
  • Added a few new songs to the jukebox.

Unlocked Character Slots:

  • If your account has an unlocked slot, you can use the following procedures to manage the unlocked slot.
  • If you currently have an unoccupied unlocked slot, whenever you start the client, at the character selection screen, a message will be displayed with instructions on how to use the /occupyUnlockedSlot command to make any existing normal slot character into an unlocked slot character, thus freeing up a normal character slot on the galaxy. This message will only be displayed once, and will be displayed again the next time you restart the client.
  • If you wish to make an unlocked slot character into a normal slot character, thus allowing you to put another normal slot character into the unlocked slot, thus freeing up a normal character slot on that galaxy, log in the unlocked slot character, and run the /vacateUnlockedSlot command.
  • You can log in the current unlocked slot character and run the "/swapUnlockedSlot <character name>" command to make the current unlocked slot character a normal character and make the specified normal character (on the same account and on the same galaxy) the unlocked slot character.
  • The /occupyUnlockedSlot, /vacateUnlockedSlot, and /swapUnlockedSlot commands share a 24 hour cooldown.

Happy 4th of July

Keedan, Jul 4, 08 7:46 AM.

Happy 4th of July!!!

For those celebrating Independence Day this weekend we hope you all have a fabulous time this 4th of July! Be sure to enjoy the day with all your friends and family, either in game or in person. Happy 4th of July!

We would also like to extend our thanks to all members of the United States armed services for keeping us safe. We appreciate all you do..

SWG Five Year Anniversary

Keedan, Jun 29, 08 9:10 PM.

It's been an amazing five years since gamers across the world began jumping online to adventure in a galaxy far, far away… and now it's time to celebrate!

To commemorate Star Wars Galaxies' fifth year anniversary, there will be events, parties, in-game gifts, and your chance to vote in the Create a Painting Contest!

Five Year Anniversary Gifts

The Empire Strikes Back in-game painting and Novaless Soni-Optics Goggles

Citizens across the galaxy can receive two gifts when they log in during the anniversary celebration! Use the radial menu on the Emperor's Statue or Yoda's Fountain during the Empire Day event to receive two anniversary gifts.

The Five Year Painting is a replica of The Empire Strikes Back movie poster, sure to add a cool style to anyone's decor!

The Novaless Soni-Optics Goggles Mark V are one-of-a-kind. Originally created to assist with aiming long range rifles, the goggles were not widely manufactured due to problems that prevented any real combat use. These goggles are considered a novelty item as a result and are showed off for looks.

To receive your anniversary gifts, your character must be at least 10 days old.

Five Year Anniversary Event: Empire Day
Hear Darth Vader and Princess Leia address the crowd!

Starting Thursday, June 26, visit Theed and Coronet to see Darth Vader and Princess Leia descend upon the gathered crowd! Once an hour, Darth Vader and Princess Leia land in Theed and Coronet respectively to recognize a member of the Empire and Rebellion for their dedicatation with a special badge.

If you are chosen, show the proper respect to earn a unique badge and title.

Vendors offer special Empire and Rebel themed goodies to mark the occasion. Read this Friday Feature for more details on the Empire Day festivities.

Five Year Anniversary Event at a Glance

When: Starting Thursday, June 26

Where: Theed, Naboo (near -5469 4410) and Coronet, Corellia (-214 -4093)

What: The Empire Strikes Back in-game painting, Novaless Soni-Optics Goggles Mark V, snacks offered by Event Organizers, hourly visits from Darth Vader and Princess Leia

Chapter 8

syniper, Feb 1, 08 7:01 AM.
No alternate text supplied.Chapter 8 delivers another exciting heroic encounter for high level players along with more collections, new ships, new parts, new star system, & more!

Hyperspace to the star system Ord Mentell and there you will find a space station you can land on or get quests from. Be careful in space because there are now tier 10 ship that can tear a small snub fighter apart. You will need one of the new gunboats to take on a tier 10, or just follow hoss into battle :P.

Visit aurillia and talk to the reb next to the guild hall to start the new heroic quest. The quest will take you into a star destroyer for the first time! Find a guide in our forums on how to defeat the blacksuns who took over the ISD and claim victory!
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