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Main Information

Game: Lineage II

Server: Chronos

Clan Level: 11


2 Royal Guard

4 Knight Guard


Status: At Peace
Clan Skills

Body Lv. 5 

Spirituality Lv. 1 

Soul Lv. 3

Regeneration Lv. 2

Morale Lv. 1

Clarity Lv. 2

Might Lv. 5 

Shield Lv. 4

Empower Lv. 2  

M. Def Lv. 5

Guidance Lv.2

Agility Lv. 3

Shield Def. Lv. 2

Shield Block Lv. 2

Ciclone Res. Lv. 1

Magmatic Res. Lv 1

Stun Res. Lv 3

Hold Res. Lv. 2

Sleep Res. Lv. 1

Wind Walk Lv. 3

Luck Lv. 2

Imperium Lv. 1

Residence Clarity Lv. 1

Residance Fortitude Lv 1

Resistance Hall Lv. 1

De-Buff Control Lv. 1

Muzzle Control Lv.1

Mental Control Lv. 1

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Our Alliance
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Tempters of fate and weavers of destiny, Fatespinner is a clan founded on friendship and cooperation.  Each of us is a crucial part of a bigger picture, and we each strive to help one another in any circumstance our skills seem fit.  We do not dedicate ourselves to attaining xp, but to building strong bonds with those around us to serve as a foundation to attaining more experience through a fun and relaxing environment.  Above all, we are a family.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the game, and challenge ourselves to earn the greater benefits it has to offer, such as attaining a Clan Hall or Castle, defeating Raid Bosses, Leveling the Clan and it's associated Clan Skills, and above all, defeating end game content.
We are a neutral clan, and our reputation reflects that.  We do NOT PK (Player Kill), KS (Kill Steal), or Flag (Strike a player first).  Each of us stands firm on promoting a healthy game environment for players both young and old to enjoy.
As a Fatespinner, we've woven our silk of destiny, and woven it well.
And what of yours?

Fatespinner Rules

Fatespinner is an international clan. Our primary language is English. When you talk to other players in game, please be friendly and respectful.


We use Ventrilo to communicate and to coordinate sieges and raids. You are not required to speak but it is important that you listen so we can be successful.


Fatespinner’s primary play time is evenings around 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. EST time zone for our North and South American players. But we have players from all parts of the world so there are activities and and party’s going on during the whole day. We play extended times on weekends.


We are primarily a PVE clan. We avoid any kind of wars! We do not flag first (make the first strike on someone) no matter what other players do, i.e. being rude. If another player flags after hitting you, feel free to defend yourself and enter PVP if you choose to do so. It is however important to note that, if in the event that you lose your PVP you can ask for a Blessed Resurrection but not if your continuing to PVP.


A Fatespinner may NOT assist a member from another clan that has been flagged. As hard as it may be to say no to a friend, we will not engage in that activity. For the simple reason, that there may be an inter-clan issue or dispute currently underway, and possibly even a personal conflict between the two. We don't want to put ourselves in the middle of someone else's fight.


No botters/cheaters in our clan! If we find out that anyone is not responding on clan/ally/personal chat and killing mobs at the same time, he/she will be dismissed immediately.


Please be patient, respectful and kind to each other. We have enough stress and problems in real life. Let’s play for fun! Sometimes we will fail in an event or somebody will make mistake. Let’s not make it a drama! Take it easy and relax. It is just a lesson that makes us better players and a stronger more powerful clan.


The Academy has limited space, so it is important that all members who have toons in the academy should try graduate in 4 weeks or less to keep space open for new members.


If you invite new member into the clan, please inform our leader about it. We really need to know who is who, basic information about new members (alt or main, name & level of main character, invite date), and also your opinion about him/her.


Your participation in clan events is very important for us. But we wish to remind you that L2 is only a game and real life is more important. If you are going to be absent more than 2 weeks at a time for any reason, please inform our clan leader about it.

    Important Note: These rules can be changed at any time by the clan management.  


DISBUFFER, 2wing, CutieCute, Esterael, JAEHEAD, ArcingSword, Aeory
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Officer Contact List
Officer of 4th Order of Knights
belgrano1 (Ashuu)
Officer of 1st Order of Knights
BergNYC (BergEdelweiSS)
Officer of 3rd Order of Knights
Officer of 2nd Order of Knights
SilverCuteDwarf (SilverLightning)
Master Blacksmith - Admin
xDraggx (Dragg)
Captain of First Royal Guard
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