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Beleni-Guild Liason Officer
Maltemper-Lord Knight / Bank Officer
Khamiraja - Instance Coordinator
Kerel - Lord Knight / Raid Leader
Princess Aelita
Guild Mistress - Aelita
Founding Matriarch - Severina/Friesan
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We are a close-knit, adult guild with a family atmosphere. We're looking for other mature adult players who have a sense of humor & are looking for adventure and who also want to enjoy WoW as a game, not a hardcore career.

Most of our members are casual gamers ... RL often comes first for us, but not always! Members of our guild have been enjoying instances, heroics, new game content, raiding, Wintergrasp group fighting, RP events, area pvp raids against the horde, arena teams, BG runs & questing events.
If you are looking for a serious, end game raiding guild, we are not for you. However, if you want to have fun, play the game & work towards common goals together, without worrying about leet doodz, uber gear and the race to lvl 85, then give us a shout!If all of this sounds like what you are looking for, then please visit our recruitment forums & introduce yourself ! *For more information and to join please go into our forums and apply under applications..thank you
Other Guild News

Announcement: New in-game headquarters for the Court of the Ruby Grail!

Eledain, Jul 3, 10 10:00 AM.
Announcement: New In-game Headquarters for the Court of the Ruby Grail!

In the aftermath of Hyjal's destruction, The Elven race had lost its home and its leader. The unity once felt amongst the ancient Kaldorei had since withered with no direction and with Malfurion's sudden disappearanc
e. Many Night Elves sought a new beginning and followed in the footsteps of Archdruid Staghelm in creating a new world tree. Some, however, were not convinced with the desperation of the young druid. Elven appearances became more common in the Eastern cities after the battle against the burning legion, and new friendships were forged.

Despite the common aversion between the Elves and the Dwarves,
huntress Severina and her companions held a strong bond with the cheery warrior Orison of the Bronzebeard clan. Already a resident of the great dwarven city, Ironforge, Orision welcomed the band of Elves into his home within the mountain. It was there that the four Night Elf Hunters and the one mead-loving Dwarf warrior forever forged their fellowship under the banner of the Court of the Ruby Grail. Orison's home now serves as the headquarters of the Court of the Ruby Grail, and can be found in the peaceful Mystic Ward of Ironforge.


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