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Strengthening OD
Sep 20, 08 9:03 AM

Strengthening OD

538823793_Inactive, Sep 20, 08 9:03 AM.
Its time for us to start building up OD to the once strong guild that we were at one time. With many folks coming back from AOC and possibly Hammer soon, it a good opportunity. Lets help out new players by logging on with our alts or helping with out high lvl ADV if we can. I am hoping to get a guild meeting within the next few  weeks  so we can discuss out  efforts. I encourage everyone to use the website, and to download Vent. Sandek is our Officer that has taken on the role of placing announcements, so if you have any announcements please ask Sandek or any Officer.


Welcome to the Ordos Draconum Vanguard Guild Website!
Ordos Draconum Founded Jan24, 2006

Ordos Draconum is a guild of friends united by their camaraderie, sense of honor, respect for others, and a desire to have fun!  We are a group of old and new friends, who hunt together, socialize and just have fun in the world of Telon.  Together these friends seek adventure online by exploring wondrous new lands and performing mightydeeds with the spoils of war divided amicably upon victory.

Members of Ordos Draconum can trust their guild mates implicitly and are confident, that anyone wearing the guild tag is of high caliber.  As such we endeavor to support each other when possible and be tolerant when necessary.  Our guild is designed to be a collection of the finest people across multiple virtual worlds, those that we can trust to treat all other online gamers with courtesy and respect, thereby bringing honor upon our name.  These concepts are the focus behind Ordos Draconum, and are reflected in our Guild Structure and Code of Conduct.

Only when we work together we can achieve bigger goals, and no matter who we are we can always learn from each other. We are proud to be known as a friendly, helpful, and kind guild.

We show respect towards all, compassion for the weak, respect for the powerful and unwavering loyalty to the guild.As a guild we will grow and thrive as we spread our influence throughout all of Telon. Every member will strive to represent Ordos Draconum with courtesy and dignity.

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