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Sons Of Gondor
There are no upcoming events.
We are members of ESKA  (Elendilmir Small Kinship Association)
To chat with other ESKA members, type /joinchannel eska.
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Welcome to Sons of Gondor
                             Welcome to the Sons of Gondor Kinship Home.

The Sons Of Gondor is a General Kinship open to all classes and races.  We focus on fun and fellowship as well as assisting all players through a diverse membership that intends to cover all areas.

We welcome all types of players, but the majority of our base is largely casual.  Most importantly is your ability to have fun.  We want our Kinship to get the most of our gaming experience through friendship and laughs.  Above all it's about friends and family.  Keeping in touch with old ones, and finding new ones.

We encourage our players to be helpful, and considerate to other Kinships and newer players.  We are always willing to lend a helping hand.

We have a minimum age requirement of 20. An exception possibly applies for families that play together.
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Oldies But Goodies
It's fun to go back  and do some of the older content, some of which many of us have never done, or haven't done in a very long time

Dar Narbugud:

Sari Surma:

Recent Events
What a great Kinship Party!
We had probably 25 people stop in for the fun over the night.
Events included: Sparring, Scavenger hunt, hide and seek, relay horse racing, fashion show, freeze tag!

Fashion Show!

Fashion Show Winners

Freeze Tag!

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