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Not to far away
Mar 27, 07 9:57 PM
Galaxies Latest
Welcome to the online home of the residents of Loka Desuna!

To access the full functionality of our site you must become a member. This means you Have to mark the 'apply for guild' box upon signing up. Once approved, which takes 2 tics if an admin is online, or a while longer if not, several new tabs appear with members only content.  Please bookmark this site and check out the Forum often!

This can only bring us closer as a guild.

Also if you find any errors on site (f.ex: spelling, content, old posts in forum that are no-longer in need or just general things that could be cleaned and or repaired, mail me at Wighar stamfaste on my off site address.

Not to far away

537062520_Inactive, Mar 27, 07 9:57 PM.
Welcome visitor.

We will soon be opening the Guild here again pending a vote being made by The Second Sun MMORPG Player Association

We will bring more information in the comming weeks.

best wishes from

Wighar Stamfaste
Head Community Manager
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