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''A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.''

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SWAT team NL is Aerie Peak's oldest Dutch speaking guild, and we are committed to creating a fun and rewarding environment for our members and friends.
When you see a SWAT member in your group, you know you've teamed up with not only one of the finest players on the server, but a person of high character and integrity.
It is our goal to accomplish the ultimate playing goals in WoW, whether it's PvE, Raiding or PvP. And we do it our way:
with teamwork, with respect for each other, and with a focus on fun.
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S W A T team is een endgame guild van post-puberale Nederlandstalige Alliance World of Warcraft spelers op de server Aerie Peak.
We raiden, maar niet hardcore.

S W A T team verwelkomt een ieder die level 85 heeft bereikt en onze basisprincipes onderschrijft: deel, help waar en wanneer mogelijk en respecteer je guildies. Per main char zijn maximaal twee alts toegestaan en welkom vanaf level 12.

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