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The Defenders


The Defenders, Defenders of Mulgore, Defenders of Silvermoon and the Fallen Defenders.
"A home for all the Horde."

The Defenders started out as a single roleplaying guild, Defenders of Mulgore, a guild dedicated to the defence of Mulgore against Alliance incursions. The guild, founded in february '05, was based on the ideas of nature as a precious thing that must be protected and nurtured, and as such it did not accept undead or warlocks, as both was seen as a breech against the natural order of things.
In time, many of our players decided to try Undead or Bloodelves, and so our sister guild, the Defenders of Silvermoon, was born at the launch of TBC.
At the launch of "Wrath", some of us wanted to try the Deathknight class. But as this class did not fit into the Lore of either guild, a third guild was formed, the Fallen Defenders.

As Cataclysm drew near, the changes to guild structures and the introduction of new mechanics as well as the inclusion of a new race and the feedback from our members, led us to create a fourth guild entitled simply "The Defenders". This guild has become our main focus, the home of our most active characters and the entrypoint for new recruits, leaving the other three guilds as pure roleplaying guilds.

Today the Defender Network of guilds remain one of the oldest gatherings of roleplayers on Earthen Ring (DoM was formed just after the server went live) and forms a network of friendly people that enjoy every aspect of the game, pve, pvp, solo and of course, Roleplaying!
Four guilds, the Defender way. Accept no imitations!

Want to Join? -Send an in-game, in-character application to Yithani.
Further information can be found ---> Here <---


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